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  • Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 the same thing as the Galaxy S 4G?

    I have read things about the two and i dont really know because some pictures look different but i dont know if its just the vibrant or something,

  • Is it bad to charge my new phone everynight?

    I got a samsung galaxy Ace today and i fully charged it and everything . and i was on it for 4 and a half hours straight then it died . Is it bad to pretty much charge it every night ?

  • Where can I get a mobile case from?

    I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (S7500), but I want a case for it which protects it but I can use it without taking it out of the case. I can't find many. Found a few on ebay, and amazon but where else sells phone cases for the Ace Plus? UK sites only! Thanks

  • Samsung galaxy r disadvantages?

    I like the samsung galaxy r and want to buy it but I want to know if it has some disadvantages if it has so should I buy it ?

  • A week passed and cops couldn't get me my stolen phone back,do you think I should bother waiting anymore ?

    2 weeks ago,my samsung galaxy s2 was stolen.I made a police report using IMEI number and the tracking started on 19th july...So far nothing new,do you think I should just get a new phone now or it's worth waiting some more time ?

  • Can anyone recommend a good value smart phone? (UK only)?

    I want to upgrade to a smart phone (preferably android) that can play You Tube videos and has Google Maps/GPS and has a reasonably good camera and music player. I currently have an LG KS360, which is ok for internet browsing but cannot play You Tube videos or even open Wikipedia pages. I've been thinking of getting either a Samsung Galaxy Ace or S2 but is there anything less expensive that would do what I need? (I hardly ever use my phone for actually ringing people)Thanks!

  • Guys please suggest some dual active phones india?

    subject to the below criteria: 1-candybar design. 2-no touch qwerty 3-it shud be dual sim active(i shud get call in the other sim ,atleast a misscall, when i am in a call in one sim or taking net in one sim) 4-i shud be able to dial up from my pc or laptop using the phone as modem..thru USB or bluetooth...its the main purpose of buying the phone.. any brands.... including nokia,samsung,indian brands also ok with me...please help ...

  • Is there any official cyanigenmod available for samsung galaxy ace s5830i?

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Update failed?

    I tried updating my Samsung Galaxy Ace one Kies but it failed and now all i have on my screen is a picture of a computer a hazard sign and a phone. When i do emergency recovery on Kies i get this message "firmware emergency recovery stopped due to gt-s5830 error" Any help?

  • Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

    I bought my Iphone 4 brand new and have used it for over 2 years. I still like my phone but I think it's time to upgrade. I was planning on getting the Iphone 5 since I was already used to the 4 but then I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and yes it is big and clunky some but I liked it. Won't be able to put it in my pocket that is for sure. But which one is the better phone? I do talk on my phone but I mostly use it for text,apps,and net.

  • My granddaughter has changed my samsung mini phone to a different language?

    can anyone can guide me through step by step to change back to English

  • Wait, what do people mean when they say that?

    So i was planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy s2 but people started slamming it then, but then others starting praising it so im still not sure. Anyway... People say other than the Iphone, Android phones are amazing. They also say "Like the HTC's and stuff (and android phone)". I get that but is the Samsung Galaxy S2 an android phone? and is the iphone 4 better or should i totally be getting the Samsung Galaxy S2 right now?? Cheers I would appreciate it if peeps took in mind that they are both expensive so as thorough information as possible would be BEAST :) cheers!!

  • Decision, decisions.... HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4?

    Or something else? HTC One seems attractive with it's large speakers (useful for me to hear calls in a room full of servers), metal construction. S4 for that processor, removable battery, microSD slot, and weight. So what say you all?

  • Samsung galaxy ace vs sony ericsson mini pro?

    hey i wanna buy a cell phone within rs 15k.... i did a net survey n got the above 2 phones.... which ones better?? i preferring one with a qwerty keypad

  • How do I convince my parents to let me have my cell phone earlier?

    Okay well everyone in my family has their cell phones already anyway I went with my parents to get me a cell phone but they say I can't have it because I'm "too young" anyway they got me a Samsung galaxy ace phone and they said I have to wait until I'm 15 to get syncing I'm 13 now. But I don't want to wait that long all my friends have phones I don't have a large group of friends maybe 2 or 3 are my friends but my parent sleep saying "you will have no use for it you don't understand them" even though I helped my mom figure out her phone to install stuff, but they said I will get it on my 15th or 16th birthday but I have told them time and time agian I will understand and they said "no you won't I can feel it in my bones" I laugh and then they say "it's not a joking matter" I have been good. What can I do to convince them to give me the phone this year!!!! Plz tell me? I need answers. :)

  • Motorola atrix 2, Nokia Lumia 900, or Samsung galaxy s2?

    What android phone should I get? (at&t)

  • Anyone have the Samsung Infuse?

    Its on sale for 50 and I am due for an upgrade. Would anyone recommend that phone, or should I wait for the Galaxy S II or Iphone?

  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation which 1 is better..?

    Guys plz plz tell me that whch mobile is better ?? and also why dat mobile is better??/

  • Which phone is better: Samsung Galaxy mini or Samsung Galaxy Y?

    Which phone is better? I've heard that the galaxy y is good but it has bad battery backup?

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace WiFi connection problem?

    I have bought a Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 a few days ago and have been trying to connect it to my home WiFi. I put in the passkey for the router and that's all fine... then it says it's authenticating then it says disconnected. I have tried 'forgetting' the router and reconnecting by entering the passkey etc. but it still does the same thing. The WiFi at my college works fine, that WiFi is a open network. Is it a problem with the handset or the router? xx