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  • Which mobile i buy between these 3?

    huawei ideos x3 samsung galaxy mini samsung galaxy young plz plz reply as fast as u can

  • I Need help picking the right tablet whats the best tablet out?

    I am really wanting a tablet so i dont have to take my laptop around i like the look of the samsung 10.1 tablet and i need something to carry around for university i am wanting to be able to type up my notes on word processor and i am wanting to be able to use skype so i can videocall family and friends and i need internet outside my house so i am wanting to get the 3g and wifi version in my tablet. I have looked at ipads but i heard that samsung tablet 10.1 has better screen and is better for camera and certain stuff. But i am just wondering if you can use skype videochat because some reviews said you cant and one or two people have said u can use skype videochat , does anyone know if you can? Because thats the only reason why i want the samsung tablet 10.1 for internet , skype and word processor? I am only wanting to spend around £400 max because ipad 2s are really pricey for the 3g versions! So the main things i want is a few good apps , skype videocall, internet and word processor , can anyone give me any good advice ? thanks

  • Usb charging or a.c charging which will charge mobile quickly?

    usb charging or a.c charging which will charge mobile quickly? i have android samsung galaxy ace duos there any charger to charge mobile quickly?because it takes more than 3 hours to full charge the mobile

  • Which phone is better Samsung Galaxy S2 Deffrent Modals I am a bit confused among Modals in 16GB?

    Which phone is better Samsung Galaxy S2 Deffrent Modals I am a bit confused among Modals in 16GB

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Review?

    Hi Friend, I am from india now working in uae and i plan to buy a mobile phone with in my budget 1000 AED so i think to buy samsung galaxy ace it cost 1000 AED. I need your help on it, if anybody consult me on it or anybody can compare this mobile with another one which are belong from same cost or good insted of this mobile?????????

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace or Samsung Galaxy Mini?

    I was wondering which is the better mobile phone? What is the difference between those two good mobile phones? I be going to UK in 1 week, I want to decide before going to UK.

  • What about iPhone 3G?

  • Low on internal storage space Samsung Galaxy Ace, help please?

    In the notification bar there is a little icon with a message saying my internal storage space is getting low. I deleted some of the apps on my phone, but most of my apps seem to be on the SD card, and I'm not quite sure why I'm lacking so much storage space. The only apps on my phone are Whatsapp, and a couple of others, which aren't taking much space. As well as the app problem, I'm unable to receive any messages, each time I get a text message, a notification comes up saying there is no message memory to receive incoming messages. I deleted all of my messages, and still I'm unable to recieve more. I searched through some online resources, which of some said to clear my RAM, but that didn't help much. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And I promise to give out best answer! Thank you so much!

  • Android/Google Help!!! PASSWORD.?

    So, I know this is my fault at some point or I can't sign in on two devices at once. I just got my Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop for my graduation and I created my Gmail account on my phone and I never really thought about the password cause I put the remember password setting on my phone (or it automatically saves itself so you can download apps on the market). But you can't find some apps in the Android Market on my phone, but online here: So I figured going online, using my computer or using Opera on my phone and going here: to download the app I wanted. But then they asked me to sign in and I couldn't, after trying two passwords I think I put when I made my account. I tried another Gmail account but they wouldn't let me sign in cause the Gmail account has to be associated with an Android device. I've tried the Google password/account recovery thing which requires you answer as accurately as possible the questions regarding your Gmail account but Google claims that the account isn't mine. Now I've searched for other people online having a similar problem and looking for solutions. I've heard that you can reset the default Gmail account for the device if you factory reset it. But to format it wouldn't be my primary solution. Is there any other way I could reset my password, or change the primary Gmail account for my device? OR: Since my device remembers my Gmail account password and I'm signed in always on my device, I'm unable to sign in two or more devices at once. (Being signed in on a computer, my Android phone, etc.)

  • Xperia arc S or samsung google nexus or galaxy S2 ? the best phone in Rs 20k range? or ny other advice?

    reviews n the better phone amoung them

  • Why cant i connect to wi-fi on my new mobile phone?

    i only got a new samsung galaxy mini 2 days ago ,but i cannot connect to keeps saying "wifi"-"disconnected",but my router / internet is working perfectly. Why cant i connect? :( (beside where it says disconnected,there is a small signal bar with a padlock beside it)what does it mean.please help me out. 10 points best answer

  • I am unable to sign into Yahoo Messenger from my Samsung Galaxy Ace. It tells me Sign in Failed.?

    This has persisted for the past one month but I can sign into Hotmail Messenger.

  • I phone or samsung? or even other?

    ahh i got an upgrade due next week and im able to get an i phone 3 on my contract (wont pay more just for a 4s). allways fancied one but do you think their dated compared to say the samsung ace and the galaxy s2??? what would you pick?? i been trying to decide for ages, i like the look of apple more but im thinking it may be limited compared to newer phones?

  • Can i ask Vodafone for an iphone Sim.?

    I have recently started a 24 month contract with Vodafone in the UK, with a Samsung galaxy s2 included in the monthly price. After 2 months of use I've decided i'd prefer an iphone 4. I planned to simply buy an iphone and put my current Sim card in it but heard it uses a smaller Sim card. Would i be able to ask Vodafone to transfer me to a mini Sim card or would they take the view that i have to stay with the s2?

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace phone?

    Does the Samsung Galaxy Ace have a standard jack plug slot, so you can use your own earphones? Otherwise is it one of those phones where you have to use the earphone supplied with the phone?

  • Which cell phone should I get?

    I am buying a cell phone, I noticed that some were on sell at virgin I personally like the Samsung Galaxy S2,(300.00) but it is a bit over my budget. I would also consider the HTC EVO V (200.00) or the Samsung Galaxy Reverb(99.99) Do you think it's worth it to get th SGs2, or should I get one of the other two?

  • Youtube doesn't work in my phone?

    So i have a samsung galaxy s2 and when i try to watch videos from youtube it doesnt play and says in the screen "connection server not working try again". I tried turning off my phone,and it still doesnt work. Im not a tech person so please try to tell me step by step. I also dont have wi fi i have 3G.

  • Where can i find clipboard on my Samsung galaxy s2?

    Sometimes it says 'saved to clipboard' but I have no idea where it is! Self confessed technophobe :-\

  • I was thinking to buy a new phone...?

    But lately I saw the iPod Touch (4th gen.), and I would like to buy one, and use my old phone for phonecalls, etc. My question is; What functions does the iPod Touch (4th gen.) not support, comparing to a Samsung Galaxy Ace? Thank you for the time you take to solve my question, I appreciate your helping :)

  • Samsung Galaxy ace S5830 internet not working?

    I bought this phone last week, it is a sim free mobile and has an o2 sim. I can connect to the internet through wifi, but I cannot get on it through mobile internet. I think it might be the settings or something, but I do not know what the settings should be? Or is it just one of those phones that cannot get on the internet without wifi?