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  • Paypal fraud please HELP!!!!?

    I recently sold a mobile samsung galaxy s2 on ebay the person who bought the item he paid me throw paypal and he collect the item every thing was fine until after 2 weeks later i got shocked when paypal put over -300 pound in my paypal account saying the item i sold to the ebay buyer he used some one els credit card and that card was stolen so i have to pay bakc that money i got shocked i rung strightaway to paypal they said this is out of there hand and they can,t do any thing about and they said some other card dealing agency will look at this and they will gonna let you know next 70 days and now after one month later i got decision against me now my item gone worth 300 pound plus ebay charge me 30 pound and top of that now paypal wants me to pay back 315 pound please can some one help me here and tell me what shell i do i am thinking to tell police first then watchdog i swear im soo pissd paypal is totly fraud they always saying you fully secured but i guess all buls***t please help!!!!

  • Blackberry Curve or Samsung Galaxy?

    BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone ($150) OR Samsung Galaxy Gio ($150) - Android OR Samsung Galaxy Ace ($200) - ^Almost the same thing but bigger with some more features Thanks! I've always wanted a BlackBerry but the Galaxy looks cool and has had good reviews :)

  • Can I get free mobile internet on android?

    I'm getting the samsung galaxy ace and was wondering if theres an app or something out there that would allow me to get free internet anywhere without needing a wifi zone i.e 3G?

  • Whch is better the Samsung Galaxy Ace or the HTC Wildfire S?

    I may buy one of these two and i would like to know which one is better, please take into account: Speed Internet smoothness Android Features Layout and ease of use Ability to text easily Thank you for any help ;)

  • How many hours I should charge my Samsung Galaxy Mini?

    I don't understand how i know if my Cellphone is battery full.i don't know how because i'm charging it connecting by my computer..i really need an answer pls.

  • Why won't my phone connect to wifi?! (android)?

    I've had my phone (samsung galaxy ace) since Christmas and it normally connects to the wireless internet (DLink) just fine. However yesterday it did something that changed it from just 'Dlink' to Dlink with a number after it as its name, which I assume means it was an update or something by the company. Anyway it required us to re-enter the password on each of our devices in the house, but it wasnt working. My sister hit a button on the side of the Dlink router and both tablets as well as the laptop connected fine after that but my phone hasnt and despite me, my sister and my parents working to try and find out why my phone wasnt connecting we just dont know. It's really upsetting me cos I was in the middle of kik'ing with my friend and it was an important conversation :( the wifi networks name in my wifi list has a pic of the internet signal (excellent) plus a lock beside ir and under the name it says disabled. When I click it and try to connect, it goes to scanning, authenticating with dlink, and then asks for the password, which I enter (I tried several times, it's correct) and then comes up 'remembered' on the list quickly followed by 'disabled' and the lock symbol again :( and at the top, where it said it was authenticating, it just says disconnected. whats happeningggg

  • Sim card stuck in my (new) mobile phone.?

    I'm quite desperate now, I just got my new mobile phone (samsung galaxy ace) this morning and I tried to put my sim card in it, but I accidentally put the smallest card in it (instead of the slightly bigger card) I tried to get it out with a needle, but this doesn't seem to work. I ordered this phone through the internet, this 'provider' doesn't own a store or anything. (I all ready e-mailed them about my problem (because I'll probably need a new sim card, since I have a subscription on this one)) But is there anything I can do right now, without damaging my phone? thanks for your help!

  • Which phone is better: iphone4s or samsung galaxy s2?

    I don't really like listening to music but I love to take pictures, record video and put it on facebook to show my friends. Also, because i just graduated from high school, i can only see my friends through facebook videos and pictures so i just wanna get some good quality. It doesn't have to be professional, i just want something that isn't horrible and make sounds like bzzzz...

  • How to transfer sms messages from Samsung galaxy ace to samsung galaxy s2?

    Im going to get a new android (s2) and i would like to transfer all my sms messages from my ace to s2. Is this possible? Thank you :)

  • How do I get my phone to turn on?

    I have the iphone 4 and i turned it off last night and when i tried to turn it back on the apple logo just stays there for hours, i tried restoring it and resetting it but nothing will work and my dads not gonna take me to the store to get it fixed

  • Samsung galaxy s2 vs htc sensation?

    i wanted to buy a new cell phone and i am considering these 2 cell phones....... which one do you think is the better option 1. value for money wise and 2. style wise????? u can also suggest me any other cell phones in this range i.e INR 25000 to INR 35000 if u think they are better than the ones i've mentioned......

  • IPhone 4s or Samsung galaxy S2 ?

  • Samsung galaxy s2 case question..?

    So i tried to look for a case on amazon ( that was animeish like... Well you get the point) and i found some l, but i realized that mine had a different camera shape than the case i wanted. My phone has the camera in an oval going down( 8.0 mega) and the case has the square camera on it. So was wondering if the case with the square camera would still fit my phone which has the oval camera. What my phone lookes like: LOOK AT THE CAMERA IN THIS PICTURE!!! Cases with the square camera: So was wondering if the case with the square camera would still fit my phone which has the oval camera. Wil it?

  • Noia lumia 610 or Samsung galaxy ace...which is better?

  • I dropped Samsung Galaxy S3, need help!?

    So i got first world problem here :) Dropped my S3, nothing cracked, not even a scratch, but should I be worried about software issues or something alike? Like damage inside a phone or something? Appreciate you help!

  • How do I edit a song and use part of it as my ringtone?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I have a song I would like to edit, so I can use PART of the audio as my ringing tone. How can I do this, or what software do i need to use? Thanks :-)

  • Will vodafone fix my phone?

    I own a samsung galaxy s2, i have dropped it and cracked the screen the phone was fine until the battery started going crazy the phone would sometimes charge and sometimes not charge one day the phone would not turn on at all.. i got a new battery thinking that was the problem but the exactly same thing happened.. the phone is on contract for 2 years.. 1 year has gone by and the phone is not insured will my contract company fix it for free? and if not does anyone know the cost?

  • A phone that I didn't even have for one year yet, is having software issues.?

    It keeps beeping, saying it needs to be charged. It's really annoying because I can't use the phone when it is beeping. It beeps because it is rapidly notifying me that it is turning on/off airplane mode. What do I do about this? Can I get a replacement for free? I didn't ask for an extended warranty or anything. THis is an At&t samsung galaxy s2 Thanks a lot

  • I can't see my new texts on my samsung galaxy ace?

    My phone ran out of battery and I ended up leaving it off for 2 days cause I fancied a break...When I turned it back on 11 new texts came through... When I touched the message envelope on the main screen it took me to my messages as usual but didn't show any new messages... I know there should be because as the 11 came through I could read the first few words on the top of my home screen... I have had nothing but trouble with this bloody phone...usually I miss calls and texts cause of random shut downs...even when fully charged...I would not recommend this phone to anyone!! Thank you in advance for any helpful answers x

  • How much is samsung galaxy ace?

    i am thinking to buy 1 but don't know how much it is......... is a blackberry better or this??? i need professional helppp thanks =D