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  • Is a Samsung galaxy s2 worth buying?

  • Sony Xperia Z or Samsung Galaxy Grand ?

    I'm planning to own a smartphone but I'm confused between these two... I need your opinions ... Please !! Thanks !!

  • How do I get twitter notifications?

    Can I get notifications from twitter when a certain person tweets? Like sent to my phone I have a Samsung galaxy s2, how do I set it to notify when a certain person tweets. Not like when they mention me or email but when they just tweet something?

  • Cannot get email alerts on standby mode with Galaxy Ace?

    I get email alerts when the screen is on but no alerts when the screen automatically turns off (i.e. in stanby mode). Is there a way to configure the smartphone so that I can get email alerts in standby mode?

  • When will be galaxy mini 2 releasing and the price..?

    Is it a good phone to buy..?

  • Do I need a case for the Samsung Galaxy S2?

    So I'm about to get the SGS2 within a week. I was wondering if I should buy a case for protecting the phone. I'm usually averse to cases because they increase the bulk of the phone and make it hard to use without taking it out of the case. So if it's not entirely necessary, I'd rather not buy one. Any advice from someone who's handled the phone before would be helpful. Thanks!

  • Does the samsung galaxy Ace gt-s5830i has the front camera?

  • Is samsung galaxy sl is a wise choise? WHT R THE THINGS TO B AWARE WHILE BUYING THIS PHONE? plse help me out!!?

    iam planning to buysamsung galaxy sl 4gb,i needed 2 know abt itz problems,defects,drawbacks, &any kind of problems. &plse inform me WHT R THE THINGS TO B AWARE WHILE BUYING THIS PHONE? eg.warrenty,how to check itz original &acceriories too,manafuture,&how to check itz geniune.. so iam requesting belovely tu 2 reply abt dis issue..! Thanks MAY THE GOOD GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • Samsung galaxy ace or nokia c6-01? plz suggest?

    nokia gives me Dual Camera, Primary : 8 MP (3264x2448 Pixels) With Auto Focus, Dual-LED Flash, Secondary : 0.3 MP, VGA Camera (640 X 480 Pixels) and samsung 5.0 Mega Pixels Camera With Auto Focus And LED Flash nokia gives high resolution 360X640 pixels and AMOLED Capacitative Touchscreen samsung gives Capacitive Touch Screen 320X480 pixels Nokia screen is short compare to ace. Samsung battery back-up is better then c6-01. and last symbian and android. nokia 13500/- samsung15000/- so i am very confuse in these 2 mobiles. plz suggest which one i buy.

  • Phone cases thro amazon?

    I recently purchased the galaxy s2 thro alltel and need a case for cheap hopefully. i go onto amazon and search that and cases come up saying samsung galaxy s2 but its followed by sprint or tmobile.... will these fit my phone? Or does anyone know of a different site that works for alltel phones or if im searching something wrong. im just not sure if theyll fit the same or if its like a skyrocket which also came up as an option. its a 3g phone but some cases say 4g so im really confused. Thanks

  • I need a New Cell Phone... any suggestions?

    What Cell Phone should I get. I would like it to hold music, and I prefer a smart phone. also include, payment plans, and anything else that has to do with quality performance and price.

  • Samsung galaxy s2 Canadian release?

    Anyone know when the samsung galaxy s2 is going to be released in canada ????

  • Samsung chat 335 or alcatel one Touch 901?

    im going to get one of these phones and was wondering which was better. anyone with any reviews on either of them please post

  • What's the charging time for samsung galaxy S2?

    I have samsung galaxy S2 which takes more than 3hrs to charge fully even though if it's in idle state. Is this normal? Or is there any prob with the handset.. plz help :( Thank you

  • Samsung galaxy ace battery?

    Does anyone know how to switch from 3g to 2g on Samsung galaxy ace also how to switch off bluetooth and gps and how to switch off internet I have heard all these drain the battery I use it mainly for calls and text and can switch on other features as and when I need them,also so does anyone know of an enhanced heavier duty battery made by a reputable Company that will be suitable for this phone without damaging phone

  • How do you printscreen on the Samsung Galxaxy Mini GT-S5570?

    I have some pretty funny text conversations with my pictures that I'd like to post on facebook however I don't know if you can print screen on the galaxy and how ? Someone help me out please (:

  • Suggest me Samsung smartphone that is reasonable and worth buying for?

  • Are refurbished phones from at&t good?

    i want to get a refurbished samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket from at&t. do they look good as new?

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation XE?

    i am really stuck between the two please help. i have many reasons for wnating the two of them but please give me a good long answer if you can with pro and cons for both. eg which one is more powerful, which has the most battterie length ect.

  • Samsung galaxy s2 network question?

    hey guys, basically I'm looking for a new phone on ebay and i found a new samsung galaxy s2, from ireland, which is at a reasonable price. i was just wondering whether it could be used in the UK though. it says thats its carrier is unlocked, so if i bought it and it got shipped over here would i just be able to put my vodafone sim card in it, and use it on my current contract? Thank You