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  • Where to get really cute phone cases for HTC one s?

    I want a REALLY cute phone case but I can't find ANY!! heres some I like(: Also anything panda bear<3

  • Something about Android?

    I just rooted my Android Phone 2.3.6, Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5770), Infact, I used the Root Checker and it said congratulations and in my app menu their is SuperUser. So, I wanted to ask that now can I transfer apps like FaceBook to SD memory as it couldn't be moved without Root.... Help :D Thanks in advance....

  • IPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2 with Sprint?

    Which one is better? Any other phones to try also? Im getting a new phone soon and I don't know what to get please help me HAHA! Thanks!

  • Are there any touch phones which has touch sensitivity like iphone 4 ?

    I mean any android phone. Apple even has the smooth gliding technology. Many android phones do not have that. What is that technology? How could apple alone have that even after so many years of the touch phone advent?

  • Confusion: Nokia-06-00 or Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

    hi friends i want buy a new mobile, i have selected Nokia-06-00 or Samsung Galaxy Ace two mobile phone but i have Confusion to selecting one of the nice phone between Nokia-06-00 or Samsung Galaxy Ace so pls guide me which is the best phone for use. thnka you ankit Panchal

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace or HTC Desire?

    I'm getting a new phone and these are the two that are in my pay monthly price range. The Galaxy comes as a regular Android but the Desire comes in the newer Android ICS which is making me lean towards it but I'm not exactly sure what ICS is. Which phone is better to keep for 2 years?

  • How to take a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Ace?

  • Are there 3D cases for the Samsung Galaxy s2x (s II x)?

    I was wondering if there were any phone cases like this stitch one… for the galaxy s2x. Are there any sites that sell them? Thank you! :)

  • Is Samsung Galaxy Ace PLUS good?

    Hi everyone, I'm gonna buy an Ace Plus but I found a lot of bad review and not good comments about this phone, they complain about low resolution or poor battery, but so many people also told me that it's a good phone at its price. Anyone pls give me your idea, should I buy this phone? I really appreciate your help.

  • I got a samsung ace mobile?

    Phone it's keeps saying no memory on internal what can I do how can I update my apps please help

  • Which is a better phone Samsung Galaxy S2 or Nokia N8?

    Which is a better phone in terms of Speed, Performance, Camera and O.S? Also, since S2 is light Weight (as heard by me), so is it quite bulky. That's because I am very rough in usage when it comes 2 Cell Phone usage! So I don't want my phone 2 get damaged if it's too sophisticated. Also, is there huge diference in camera quality in both of them?

  • Best android phone for <15000?

    hey i just wanna buy a new phone this Christmas and im drowned cause there r tons of phones out on rack. which one is best SONY MIRO or MICROMAX A90S OR SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE DUOS.thanks and advance happy Christmas mates..

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 SkyRocket T-Mobile Repair?

    I was wondering for any inexpensive repair for my Galaxy S2 SkyRocket for T-Mobile. My GS2 had The WHOLE screen shattered. Literally, the WHOLE screen shattered. The glass pieces are still intact except for the area around the ear speaker. It started to chip away and now, I can see the inside of the phone. It took some accident drops and it didn't crack, but then dropped it face flat by accident and the whole screen shattered all at once. I did not expect for the whole screen to crack for the supposed "Gorilla Glass" was supposed to protect it. I also did not to expect to drop it so often. So, do you gals/guys know any inexpensive screen replacement? I also noticed that overtime I use the phone, I notice lines going across. Like when texting, I see bulky lines going through the words. The colors also kind of bug out as well. Do I also need to replace the LCD?

  • My samsung galaxy ace is stuck to start screen after trying to install custom rom...any suggestrions??

  • Typing problems samsung galaxy s2?

    when i go into google search or facebook chat on my 3 month old samsung galaxy s2 and i start typing nothing comes up and i have to keep reopening it to get it to type what do i do to stop this???

  • How to clear samsung galaxy memory?

    I'm selling my samsung galaxy ace, what do I need to do to remove all of the current storage?

  • How do i download Images off google onto the Samsung Galaxy Ace?

    I Can't figure out how to do it! Thanks anyone :)

  • Samsung galaxy s2 i777 at&t unlocked : Does it gets locked again on updating android ?

    Hey really need help ... will d phone get locked again if i update ? some people say only iphones get locked again ... is it d same problem with android phones???

  • Which is the best phone to buy?

    hi friends i'm gonna buy new mobile(any brand) please give me idea .10,000 to 15,000 even higher or lower tell me the best model ..

  • Samsung galaxy r disadvantages?

    I like the samsung galaxy r and want to buy it but I want to know if it has some disadvantages if it has so should I buy it ?