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  • Looking for a new phone from Sprint!! HELP!?

    Hey, I have Sprint and I'm finally getting rid of my beat up Nexus S. I've been looking at the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, but isn't that phone a bit old? I used to have AT&T and I loved my iPhone 4, so I'm thinking about going with the iPhone 4S as well... is there any phone I'm overlooking? And what are your thoughts on the Epic Touch 4G vs. the iPhone 4S? I've also been looking at the Evo 3D too. What are your thoughts on that? Lastly, I've experienced WAYYYY to many 3G / 4G problems with my Nexus S (3G &4G dropping in certain parts of neighborhoods etc.) and I was wondering if this problem would persist with the Epic Touch 4G. 10 points to the person who leaves good descriptive answers to each question!

  • Will Apple ban the Samsung Galaxy note 2?

    Hi, i'm really interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, my friends got the note its amazing and i'm really looking forward to it. I think they are going to unveil it in August. I'm really worried Apple might ban the phone though? They always seem to be getting other manufacturers phones banned, is it because they are better and they are greedy and just want more money? I asked for a phone in a shop last year but I couldn't buy it because Apple had banned it the day before! I don't like iPhones they are overpriced and the screen is too small. So basically will Apple interfere with the new Samsung Galaxy Note?

  • Help samsaung galazy gone dead?

    hey i have SAMSUNG galaxy mini the prob is when ever i use wifi on mah mob it batteries flies out like in 10 minutes is there any way to get rid of it and i have 2GB memory card on mah mob when ever i download sum apps mah mob gets super slow i just have 3 apps 1- mp3 down loader 2-lyrics 3-viber and all are on internal memory i meant phone memory do i change my memory card like should i buy for 4GB its been 5 MONTHS i have buyied my mobile its my birthday gift my parents give it to me u know how much it means to me SO THANKZ IN ADVANCE

  • How do i transfer phone numbers from 1 sim card to another?

    I just got a new samsung galaxy ace and dont know how to do this. i have a memory card with adapter but cant seem to transfer to this.. i have all my old numbers on my old sim card but with a new one come today i dont want to have to do them individually. any help wioth astep by step guide would be great.

  • I've just received my Samsung Galaxy S2 (If you have one please read this and help me URGENT)?

    When i received it (it came in the post) the tab on the box saying 'if seal is broken do not accept' so we rang up the phone company to see i it was okay and they said it was fine just the couriers open it to check that only the phone is inside not a bomb or drugs or anything. I left it to charge fully and just turned it on now and it already has 'sims 3', 'monopoly' and 'TBloxx my city' installed onto the phone. Is that normal? or do you think someone has tampered with it? it was all in the original packaging and everything but these seem weird apps for the phone to come with. If you have one or know of anyone with one, please help. Thank you.

  • Where to get really cute phone cases for HTC one s?

    I want a REALLY cute phone case but I can't find ANY!! heres some I like(: Also anything panda bear<3

  • Does the Samsung Galaxy S2 have front &rear facing cameras?

  • When is ice cream sandwich coming out for samsung galaxy s2 tmobile?

  • Which is better, BLACKBERRY or SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE?

    and if you want, whats are their best qualities :)

  • What is a smartphone equivalent or better than the iPhone 5?

    My dad told me yesterday that I can have £250 for Christmas -yeabuddy- and I pretty much need a phone (mine got stolen, so I'm using my samsung genio). I'm willing to put money in and I'd love an iPhone 5 but are there any alternatives that are just as good if not better? So far it's pretty much between a Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone but I'm open to suggestions 'cause I've not looked round in depth.. Christmas is an age away anyway! Oh, the iPhone price is pretty much as high a price as I'll go I think (£529). It's also gotta be SIM-free 'cause I'm mid-contract. Thankyou

  • For a college student, Smartphone or Tablet ?

    I'm into college soon, &i wanted a new gadget, so I was wondering what would be better for me as a student: a new smartphone or a tablet, &specifically: A Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Tab 10.1 ? If you got a better choice other than those &the Ipad, i'd appreciate ur help. Thanks !!

  • Something about Android?

    I just rooted my Android Phone 2.3.6, Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5770), Infact, I used the Root Checker and it said congratulations and in my app menu their is SuperUser. So, I wanted to ask that now can I transfer apps like FaceBook to SD memory as it couldn't be moved without Root.... Help :D Thanks in advance....

  • IPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2 with Sprint?

    Which one is better? Any other phones to try also? Im getting a new phone soon and I don't know what to get please help me HAHA! Thanks!

  • Droid bionic question?

    I ordered a bionic on friday and I will have it tomorrow. my question is I've heard some people say it has a short battery life, and I want to use it as my mp3 player at work. How long should i be able to get out of it? Or should I get the extended battery?

  • Is it possible to upgrade Android OS on a smart phone?

    I'm planning to buy a smartphone - HTC Desire or SAMSUNG Galaxy S with Android 2.2. However I heard there is a new version of Android that will released later this year to the marked (version 3.0). If I buy a phone now, is it possible to upgrade the OS later? Or is it suggested that I wait for sometime. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  • Are there any touch phones which has touch sensitivity like iphone 4 ?

    I mean any android phone. Apple even has the smooth gliding technology. Many android phones do not have that. What is that technology? How could apple alone have that even after so many years of the touch phone advent?

  • Can I transfer Apps from Android to new phone?

    I currently have a HTC Hero and am contemplating getting into a Samsung Epic when it comes out. My question is can I transfer the apps that I have paid for on my phone to the new phone? I can't seem to see a way to do this and if it is not possible than I think I have just found a flaw in the Android world. I know with Iphones and Ipods, the apps are stored in Itunes so if you get a new upgraded version you can download to the new one. So I am just curious if I am going to have to pay a second time for the apps in which I have already paid for once. If anyone knows the answer to this, I would love to hear. Thanks

  • Confusion: Nokia-06-00 or Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

    hi friends i want buy a new mobile, i have selected Nokia-06-00 or Samsung Galaxy Ace two mobile phone but i have Confusion to selecting one of the nice phone between Nokia-06-00 or Samsung Galaxy Ace so pls guide me which is the best phone for use. thnka you ankit Panchal

  • Hai frnds...pls tell ur comments for my new mobile samsung galaxy ace s5830..?

    hai frnds i like to buy samsung galaxy ace s5830 ...pls tell me it is best mobile to buy..

  • Which's better : sony ericsson xperia mini or samsung galaxy ace..?