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  • I uploaded pictures from my HTC evo 3d phone but when all the photos were posted most of them shrunk? help?

    i am little frustrated when i realized that most of the pictures were small but some are still on its original size. i really need help on how to fix this

  • Samsung galaxy ace and Facebook problem?

    I have a samsung galaxy ace and I have Facebook on it and u get notifications through for everything on Facebook apart from inbox does anyone know how I can get notifications for inboxes please :)

  • Which one is the best mobile among these? please help....?

    samsung galaxy ace duos s6802 Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V MT11i Motorola Defy Plus please tell give your views.... if you have any better suggestions ten kindly share.... thanks a lot....

  • How to make facebook messages pop up on android?

    i got the Samsung galaxy s2 and when some one message me on facebook i don't know until I click on facebook app . so is there anyway to make it so it tells me when some on message me with out clicking on the app?

  • Please help me with logo quiz answers?

    I have two logos that i cannot get: 1) Red background with a white plus sign. (Like the swiss flag or the hospital sign.) 2) A dark blue rectangle with a corner cut off. Also it has a white 'P' in it. Further info. This is on a android (samsung galaxy ace) and it is level one. Btw i cant find the answers on any websites

  • Which one is better Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 or Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802? please help me..?

    dear friends please tell me which one is better phone Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 or Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802? Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 is a good phone. there are so many comments and reviews available for it but Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 is a completely a new phone there are very few reviews and comments available for it so please help me in buying a better phone... thanks a lot.....

  • I'm not receiving Facebook text messages?

    Facebook Messenger doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy i5500 so to chat with a friend of mine I am forced to use Facebook Text Messaging to reply and receive message right away (the new Facebook update doesn't support the chat anymore, boo). I activated it on my Vodafone (Italy) number, turned on all notifications that I want to receive, set daily text limit to unlimited and everything, I have even removed and put my number several times but Facebook doesn't really send me notifications when my friend sends me a message! I subscribed to a his statuses and I always receive notifications about them, but rarely with the messages he sends me. I received only 5 text messages so far (for his messages) out of almost a hundred of messages we have written on the Facebook App (which is really, really slow) Anyone can help me? Facebook Support didn't really help me at all, neither its FAQ and Forum thingy.. Thanks. Adam

  • Facebook for htc sense?

    facebook for htc sense won't sync can anyone help me on how to fix this issue I have the HTC EVO 3D

  • How do I get my Droid Bionic to STOP syncing all my facebook, twitter, etc to my phones contact list?!?

    My phone keeps syncing all my facebook, twitter, etc friends into my contacts list. Every day nearly I have to go in my contacts and delete them one by one, like 400 peope. How do I make my phone STOP syncing them?

  • How to chat in my group in facebook using android phone? im using galaxy tab?

    Anyone know how please reply asap. I already downloaded the facebook client from the market and im having problem locating group chat.

  • No picture attached when i post YouTube to other peoples Facebook?

    When i post YouTube videos to peoples Facebook from my pc it shows a picture or thumbnail of the video under the link however when i do it from my phone it hardly ever works. the frustrating thing is its worked once and i don't know what i done differently from the times it hasn't worked. i have a Samsung galaxy s2. Any ideas?

  • Unsync facebook friends from android phone contacts?

    i'm new to smartphones and my phone recently decided to put all of my facebook friends into my contacts. this is crazy annoying to me. i was told to go to 'settings' then accounts and sync then click off of it but i don't see accounts and sync. i was also told to go to my contacts and click 'view' then click delete people without numbers, but i couldn't find that, either. i have a Droid Bionic too, if that's any help. please and thank you!

  • Is there anyway to JUST access facebook and nothing else on a samsung galaxy ace?

    I recently got a samsung galaxy ace and i was wondering if theirs a way to JUST access facebook because i dont have any data allowed. So basically i want a way to easily access facebook without randomly getting updates. Plz help. Most explained answer gets best answerer

  • How can i get free facebook?

    so, i have an samsung Galaxy Ace, (andriod) and im on 2degrees, but i cant go on facebook with out wifi... ive tried 0.facebook and saving it as a book mark... but it doesnt work :c please help

  • Is 250mb of internet enough for using GPS, YouTube and Facebook?

    I just ordered a Samsung galaxy Ace, and I'm thinking of going for a contract that gives you 250mb of internet. I have wifi, so I will only need to use internet when I am out. I use Facebook every few days, and maybe occasionally GPS (No more than once per month). I may also watch a couple of Youtube videos per month, and download a couple of apps. Will 250mb be enough? Thanks, Ed.

  • Ok. So I deleted reinstalled turned on and off my phone and still the stupid Facebook app doesn't work?

    Any other suggestions? I updated my phone today.. What could it be?!!!

  • Turning satalite into wifi?

    I got a Samsung galaxy tab for Christmas and it can pick up satalite signals for the GPS app and I was wondering if I could use the satalite to surf the web. Kind of make the satalite into wifi or 3G thanks

  • The Facebook app isn't working?

    I have a Samsung galaxy player 5.0, and I use the Facebook app a lot. But in the last couple days, pictures haven't been displaying. It's usual for them to not display for a second, but they never show. Btw, the problem isn't my wifi, i'm asking this using my tablet. Is anyone familiar with this glitch? What can I do? Thanks!

  • How can i log out of facebook from samsang wave 525 &there is no option of my account?

    i loged in facebook on samsang wave 525 &now i can't logged out from it. There is no option like 'My Account' so please any one tell me how can i log out from it.

  • How to upload photos to a specific album? ?

    I have a Samsung galaxy s2... Please help! Thank you ^^