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  • My android market is not working, can you help me out?

    Hey, uhm I need help pn my Samsung Galaxy Tab, my Android Market is not working, when I launched Android it always say "Uour client is out-of-date. It eill be automatically updated shortly", its been 4days that Amdroid is not working. Any advice?

  • Android/Google Help!!! PASSWORD.?

    So, I know this is my fault at some point or I can't sign in on two devices at once. I just got my Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop for my graduation and I created my Gmail account on my phone and I never really thought about the password cause I put the remember password setting on my phone (or it automatically saves itself so you can download apps on the market). But you can't find some apps in the Android Market on my phone, but online here: So I figured going online, using my computer or using Opera on my phone and going here: to download the app I wanted. But then they asked me to sign in and I couldn't, after trying two passwords I think I put when I made my account. I tried another Gmail account but they wouldn't let me sign in cause the Gmail account has to be associated with an Android device. I've tried the Google password/account recovery thing which requires you answer as accurately as possible the questions regarding your Gmail account but Google claims that the account isn't mine. Now I've searched for other people online having a similar problem and looking for solutions. I've heard that you can reset the default Gmail account for the device if you factory reset it. But to format it wouldn't be my primary solution. Is there any other way I could reset my password, or change the primary Gmail account for my device? OR: Since my device remembers my Gmail account password and I'm signed in always on my device, I'm unable to sign in two or more devices at once. (Being signed in on a computer, my Android phone, etc.)

  • Xperia arc S or samsung google nexus or galaxy S2 ? the best phone in Rs 20k range? or ny other advice?

    reviews n the better phone amoung them

  • How do I get twitter notifications?

    Can I get notifications from twitter when a certain person tweets? Like sent to my phone I have a Samsung galaxy s2, how do I set it to notify when a certain person tweets. Not like when they mention me or email but when they just tweet something?

  • Google play store is not working on my virgin mobile evo 3d. what should i do?

    It keeps saying waiting for network. It's been doing this for 3 days now.

  • Iphone 4 or htc rezound?

    Gok so im 13. And my parents are letting me get a smartphone because we made a deal that if they pay 50 ill pitch in 60 a month to pay my bill off. Im stuck between the iphone 4s or the htc rezound i have a ipod touch for along time so im sorta over the apple look but its still good for apps even though i alreay have a ipod touch. The htc rezound comes with beats which is awesome for a boy my age plus i love the speeds and screen resloution what do you think i should get. A huge part of my disision is the battery life because i text a lot on a normal day basis and my blackberry doesnt usualy last me. I know for some htcs you can get that extended battery thing but its like 80 dollars. Also i wouls be getting 5gb internet plan for verizon. Would that be enought to go on sites such as this and go on facebook and update status and post pictures an maybe a little youtube streaming? Thanks! :)

  • Which one is better phone out of these two? please help...?

    dear friends please tell me which phone is better out of these two- Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 there are so many comments and reviews available for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 but Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 is a completely a new phone there are no reviews and comments available for it so please help me in buying a better phone... thanks a lot.....

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs. Google Nexus 7?

    I am trying to decide which one to ask for, for christmas. I was 100% in with the Nexus 7, but then I found out it doesn't have a rear-facing camera, when the galaxy tab does. You can also expand your memory on the galaxy tab. But some people say the Nexus might be a littler faster and blah and blah and blah, it is just getting too confusing. Here are the things I would do on a tablet -Go on Facebook, Twitter, etc. -Play fun games like angry birds from the android market -Browse the web -Listen to music -Carrying it around (being portable) Some websites have the Nexus winning, when others have the Tab winning. Please help with my decision.

  • Nexus 7 vs Galaxy Tab 2 7 Inch?

    Which of these two tablets is better in terms of specification, how easy it is to use etc.

  • Should I buy samsung galaxy s4 or Google nexus 4?

    I dont know which is better. Any body can show me what is better on them? Thank you!

  • Updating from android market to google play?

    i am trying to update my android market to google play ... i never had a notice saying i can update the market to google play . my friend ( who has the same phone as me samsung galaxy s) updated her phone to google play. its making me kinda upset that i cant find out how to up date it. please help i just need to know how or where i can update it.

  • How to save images from Google, using my Samsung Galaxy Ace?

    when i open my web browser on my Samsung Galaxy Ace and search for images, i don't know save them to my phone.

  • How Much control does Google have over Android ?

    I'm trying to do a business analysis of Samsung's Galaxy tab and was just wandering how much control Google has over android. Like can Samsung just fiddle about with android as they please and load it onto to any device they want, or are there certain laws in place?

  • Please solve my problem of android plz?

    See i hav samsung galaxy tab and it has android 2.2 and itis upgrade able to 2.3 so any 1 can tell me how to upgrade it

  • How do i install the google play app on my samsung galaxy ace?

    i got a new galaxy ace, my sisters galaxy ace has the 'google play' app allowing her to download apps from the google play store, on the other hand, mine does not have the google play app, and i cannot seem to download it, help?!?

  • Photos from Android phone getting sent without me knowing via gmail?

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace. When I switch on the wi-fi and access some application (for eg:-fring), without me knowing gmail is sending images in my phone to other mail ids. Two times this happened and fortunately one was to my mail id and the other to my friend's mail. But now I am afraid to access internet from my android phone. Please help me. Why this happens.

  • Import yahoo contacts to Gmail?

    How do I import yahoo contacts to Gmail contacts and then to my Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • I've installed chrome web browser on my Andriod device, but the JavaScript does not work,though I enabled it?

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy S I9000. I have ICS4.04 from Cyanogen on it and have installed the latest version of Chrome web browser from play google. However JavaScript is activated by default but it seems it has a problem. Components in a page like audio or video player need JavaScript to work, don't appear in my chrome web browser.

  • Problem with install aplication on android?

    hi i have a problem with installing some aplications .i have a galaxy tab 2 and the with android v4(ice cream sandwich) and when i want to install some aplication this error(there is parsing problem in package) do not let me to install that please helppppppppppppppp

  • Forgot my google account password for my android phone and I can't download apps anymore?? Please help!!?

    I have a samsung galaxy s 1 I forgot the password and the security question and the recovery email and all that crap, is there a way to create a new email or do something to fix this?? I can't download anymore android apps, Please help!! Thanks in advance :)<3