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  • Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0?

    Does the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 have a front and back camera

  • Samsung galaxy tab ?????

    Im not that great with the technical side of computers so im just wondering how the galaxy tab works. Do u need to buy the internet in some way for it to work or is it already installed, i wanna buy it for my mum and want to be able to explain to her in detail how it works

  • How do i turn on negative mode on my samsung galaxy s2?

    I was just curious to if there is a negative mode for this phone, and if so. How do i turn it on

  • Is samsung tab 10.1 hdmi ready?

  • Noia lumia 610 or Samsung galaxy ace...which is better?

  • Iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy s3 ?

  • Samsung Galaxy S 7" Tablet?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying one of these on ebay for about $100. It says it is for Sprint cause it has wi-fi and 3g. I don't have Sprint. So my first question is... can I still use this just connected to my home wi-fi, or do I HAVE to have Sprint. My second question is... has anyone heard anything about this tablet, good or bad? Below is a link from engadet. Thanks so much!

  • Samsung galaxy s2 battery fault?

    I have a fault with my Samsung galaxy s2. When i turn the phone off the screen has a battery icon with a temperature gage flashing next to it. Im unable to turn the phone on unless i put the charger in first. ALso, it seems to think that my charger is actually my usb cable in my laptop and not the charger itself. any ideas if its a phone or battery fault¿

  • Link tablet to receiver?

    Is there a way to link a Samsung galaxy tablet to a receiver in order to control your tv as the remote control on the tablet. I mean doing this wirelessly obviously.

  • I lost my samsung galaxy tab 2?

    anybody no wot i do to block my tablet ? ? ?

  • Is the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.7 inch any good?

    I was wanting to get one of these are they a good buy and can you get 3G with them

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab? Good/Bad?

    Im thinking about buying a samsung galaxy tab but im not sure about it... is it good for gaming? 3G conection? how does it work? best deals to buy and is it generally good for a 13 yeah old going on 14 in janurary???? thanks :)

  • When will samsung galaxy s2 release date indonesia?

  • Samsung galaxy tablet 2 7.0?

    Hello I have a tablet and I've downloaded a lot of movies to it but my charger doubles as a sub cord or a hdmi cable and I want to use this cable to play them on my tv yes the tv is hdmi and its hiseinse so please help thanks

  • Which electronic system to get?

    I play ps3 a lot and love to play video games. I also have a Samsung galaxy nexus on 4g. Should I get the PS vita or get the nexus 7 tablet? $300 Max budget Open to suggestions!

  • HDMI Cable for Samsung Galaxy S2?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 from T-Mobile. I recently bought an HDMI cable to connect from my phone to my TV, I was wondering if sound from videos etc. goes through from my phone to the TV? Do I need to set anything up or any extra cables? Not so bright with technology, Thanks in advance!

  • How to put music on a Samsung galaxy player 5.0?

    I need some help. CanI put firewire songs on it because the woman at best buy said I could I just don't know how, so can some one tell me.. But if not how do I get music on it without connecting it to a credit card. When I pug it into my computer at thing pops up where I can choose what I want to do ( I have a windows inspiron ) what do I choose.. And then hour do I use it.. I need all the help I can get. Please and thankyou !

  • Samsung monte or samsung galaxy pop which one is best?

    Hi pls suggest me to buy a good and smart phone. i like these two models. kindly tell me about the both model from your experience..

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 ?

    So for Christmas i was thinking of getting a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1. Would you recommend it? And also i would need a car charger and USB adapter by Monday (for the tab obviously). What stores can i find them in? I would order online but then i wouldn't get them on time.

  • Which is better - Samsung Galaxy S2 or LG Optimus ?