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  • Should I get the verizon rezound?

  • How much does the htc rezound cost?

    With Contract. in the USA

  • HTC Rezound, global phone?

    Hi, I currently live in the U.S and I will leave to France for 6 months. I have a contract with Verizon which I won't be able to afford to break and I have an HTC Rezound. I've been reading articles about sims cards etc. and I need some clarification.… So will my phone be able to work in France? Can I receive and send text messages? What exactly do I need to do for it to work? Thanks so much!!! I want to know this before I call Verizon tomorrow.

  • Which phone should I get? (iphone 4s vs htc rezound vs galaxy nexus)?

    I'm getting a new phone for christmas and I'm stuck between these three! I've heard that the htc rezound can do pretty much everything that the iphone can and more, plus it comes with beats audio, but then there's the galaxy nexus which has the updated ice cream sandwhich software. IDK what do to. I'm kind of leaning towards the rezound though. does anyone have personal experience with these!?

  • How to take a Screenshot on htc rezound?

    whenever i want to take a screenshot of a snapchat I press the power and home button while having a finger on the screen to see my scnapchat but it always shows the menu to turn off my there another way to take a screenshot that i don't know about?

  • What is the song in the HTC rezound commercial?

    heres a link to the commercial

  • PLEASE HELP ME! Verizon Wireless Smart Phones?

    I went to The Verizon Wireless Store today to shop for a new phone. After talking to a sales person for hours and after much debate and research, I cannot decide which phone to get. I am interested in The Droid Razr By Motorola 16GB, The HTC Rezound with Dr. Dre Beats Headphones, or The Apple iPhone4 8GB. *What I'll will be mainly using it for?: Music Photos/Camera Talking Texting *Everything else will just be optional for me (Extras)!!! What's important to me?: Quality Display (Photos, Wallpaper, Etc.) Quality Sound (Talking, Music, Video Playback, Etc.) Most Durable/Long Lasting Easy Friendly/Easy To Learn Easy To Type On Overall Quality and Most For The Money I realize they all have their advantages/disadvantages &obviously most smart phones have poor battery life, some are even known to freeze up often, shut off, blah blah blah.... but, I just want a phone that's actually worth the money and that will last a long time and has all the basic apps &a few cool/unique extras but that's also not too complicated. Thanks in advance! (=

  • What is the best smartphone?

    Hey all :) My contract with verizon just ran out and I want to get a new smartphone. I had the first generation droid and I loved it but, it's really too slow now and its on it last legs. I looked at the droid razr but everyone says its battery life is terrible, I also looked at the new galaxy nexus but the camera is crappy. Any ideas? Camera and battery life are both pretty important to me. Also I'm a 17 year old girl so fancy businessy things arent really that important to me. Thanks :D

  • How to freeze apps on htc rezound without root?

    I have a htc rezound unrooted. And I really want to get my titanium backup pro to freeze some apps but I need to be rooted. Is there another app or something that I could get that allows me to freeze apps?

  • How to downgrade from ICS update for HTC Rezound?

    I have a htc rezound and recently downloaded the Ice Cream Sandwich update and i am wondering if i can downgrade back to how it was before because I just hate the new update.

  • How to download HTC Sense 4.0, or 5 to HTC Rezound?

    I bought a HTC Rezound, and is running HTC Sense 3.6. How can I get 4, or 5? I have no clue.

  • Iphone 4 or htc rezound?

    Gok so im 13. And my parents are letting me get a smartphone because we made a deal that if they pay 50 ill pitch in 60 a month to pay my bill off. Im stuck between the iphone 4s or the htc rezound i have a ipod touch for along time so im sorta over the apple look but its still good for apps even though i alreay have a ipod touch. The htc rezound comes with beats which is awesome for a boy my age plus i love the speeds and screen resloution what do you think i should get. A huge part of my disision is the battery life because i text a lot on a normal day basis and my blackberry doesnt usualy last me. I know for some htcs you can get that extended battery thing but its like 80 dollars. Also i wouls be getting 5gb internet plan for verizon. Would that be enought to go on sites such as this and go on facebook and update status and post pictures an maybe a little youtube streaming? Thanks! :)

  • I need a cheap verison smart phone can you give me some choices? look at details please.?

    i need a cheap smart phone that i can play music off of and plug ear buds into it, good battery life, and touch screen maybe internet if not im cool without it just need music. i went to verison and they were trying to give me a 300 HCT rezound

  • Why does my HTC change its ringtone?

    Hello I have a HTC Sentation 4G and the Software is 4.0.3 Ginger Bread. im having a really annoying problem with my phone when ever i connect it to a PC and take off and put on music my ringtone resets to default. i know what your thinking about me deleting the song use but honestly im not i have a separate folder for my ringtone and the phone makes acopy of that tone and puts it in another folder so their are 2 copies. Does anyone no what i should do because i use my PC to charge my phone and its very frustrating that i have to put my ringtone back every-time i charge it

  • When should I get a new phone?

    I've had my HTC Thunderbolt since May of last year. It's starting to slow down a bit and the battery is starting to drain quicker. There's also a huge crack in the screen. (which many people point out :P) I asked my dad if I could get a new one because I've had it for so long and he laughed and said a year wasn't a long time to have a phone. Should I get a new one soon,and if so, what are the best phones on Verizon right now? Thanks

  • Any 4G HTC phones for verizon coming out?

    Does anyone know if there is a 4G LTE HTC phone coming out for verizon soon? or sometime in 2012? Thanks1 P.S. Don't say thunderbolt

  • Need help on steps to sell a phone!?

    Im going to buy an iphone off of ebay and I'm looking to sell my old HTC Rezound. I have Verizon... My first question is, what is ESN and what does it mean when its bad? Secondly, if I purchase a phone with no contract, can i trade in my phone (deactivate the rezound and activate the iphone) for free? or is there a fee? Third, if I can trade it in and the rezound gets deactivated, then if I sell it on Ebay does that mean it has no contract? BASICALLY if you cant understand my questions, because Im not sure exactly what to ask... WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CHANGE PHONES AND SELL THE OLD ONE? Thank you!

  • Is the htc rezound coming to canada? on rogers or bell etc?

  • What is the best cell phone out that's not an iphone?

    I am a Verizon customer and currently I have the HTC Rezound but I cracked the screen in so many different places so its time for a new phone. I was going to wait for the iPhone 5 to come out but Apple is taking entirely to long to even give a release date so now I've decided to go with another Android phone. What's the best one to go with?

  • I unlocked my verizon htc rezound and..?

    i used this link to unlock my phone… im pretty sure my phone is unlocked. i put in my t mobile sim card and it still doesnt work, am i not doing something? do i need to root too? thanks