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  • With my att insurance if my blackberrt 9800 broke can i trade it with a white samsung galaxy s2 ?

  • AT&T insurance claim?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and two questions . One , the phone recently broke and I used an insurance claim to replace . I accidentally broke the screen of my new and need to know if I'm aloud to use another insurance claim . Two , my phone is in blue . I want to know if I can get a white if I can use an insurance claim . I was going to say it was white , but I'm not sure if you can tell which is blue through my serial number , account information , etc.

  • Will asurion replace a phone a day after I got the insurance?

    I have my phone on black Friday , the lady who sold me the phone told me I had to put myself insurance because not join Asurion staples . I put insurance on my phone yesterday and later that day he leaned on a table while installing a printer for my father and put too much pressure on the wrong angle on my phone . It was just after I got insurance, but I am very confident of companies like Asurion , and was hoping someone can give me some peace of mind that will give me a new ( or renewed ) samsung galaxy s3 , or if they think I put the damage insurance after the phone and not replace it at all. Please help and please be honest, thanks dead !

  • AT&T Phone insurance question?

    Ok , so I have a white samsung galaxy s3 which costs $ 199 with 2 year contract and I have a safe for her to cover theft or damage to it . If I break the phone I have to pay another $ 199 for a

  • I have a samsung galaxy s2 phone with full insurance ?

    hello I have a phone Samsumg galaxy s2 with insurance I have been having problems with my charger wnt really responsible would I be able to get a new phone without cost or how much would it cost? when I costs 250 ? ? Or should I report it stolen?

  • Looking for a cheap mobile phone insurance policy for a samsung galaxy s3?

    He bought the phone box for £ 500 looking for coverage and accidental loss. Spotted something of politics, but not over 75 pounds is too high . Does anyone know any decrease monthly payment or a payment policy

  • Is Phone insurance worth it?

    Hello , looking to get a Samsung Galaxy S3 on contract £ 28.50 per month . Just wondering if I should add to this monthly insurance for about £ 7 or just buy a box cover to cover your screen and back? Thank you.