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  • Which phone should i get?

    samsung galaxy mini or samsung galaxy Y?

  • Why won't Sprint phones receive metro pcs phone calls?

    My mother and cousin have metro and they tried calling and I never received a call and I have a Samsung galaxy nexus 4G LTE on sprint

  • Transfer phone numbers?

    i want to transfer my sim card from a nokia 5130c phone to a samsung galaxy ace,but it will not bring the numbers with it and i know they are saved to my it the sim or the new phone.thanks

  • I'm not sure what phone to buy ?

    Ummm , I have a Telstra Indy and I was just wondering what phone I should get to upgrade it , I was thinking a smart phone , maybe Samsung galaxy ace or Samsung galaxcy y , the galaxcy ace is a bit out of my price range .... What do you think ?

  • Will vodafone fix my phone?

    I own a samsung galaxy s2, i have dropped it and cracked the screen the phone was fine until the battery started going crazy the phone would sometimes charge and sometimes not charge one day the phone would not turn on at all.. i got a new battery thinking that was the problem but the exactly same thing happened.. the phone is on contract for 2 years.. 1 year has gone by and the phone is not insured will my contract company fix it for free? and if not does anyone know the cost?

  • Phone keeps rebooting by itself?

    i have a samsung Galaxy ace and i need to fix it

  • Samsung galaxy ace or wave 2?

    Wanting a new phone with good internet &texting (not that bothered about pictures). i don't know wich to get

  • Looking for a good touch phone?

    Looking for a good phone, i want a touch phone, big screen, good features, dont want any slow phones, want it quite quick, looking to spend 300-400 dollars on it, anyone have any ideas?

  • What phone should i get?

    sooo im getting a new phone..and im stuck choosing between these 3... -Samsung Muve R720 Vitality -Samsung SGH A817 Solstice II -Samsung SGH-A897 Mythic i am a 13 year old girl and i will do a lot of texting...i <3 touch screens...i hate the if u are recommending any other phone, please no buttons or slides outs!!

  • What phone should i get ?

    IPhone5 or galaxy s2 ?

  • Going back to android, which phone to get?

    I got an iPhone 5 from the droid bionic. The bionic was my first smartphone and I was so overwhelmed. But after getting the hang of android I loves it. I went to iPhone 5 to taste the iOS ecosystem and iPhone build quality. I love it. But I just hate that iPhone is so limited. I can't even attach a resume to the email app. I don't wanna download third party apps. It's so limited I hate it. Anyways I wanted to give my dad my iPhone 5. Sell his iphome 4s and buy a galaxy nexus. I want the nexus for the pure google experience. I could also get the rAAzr M for about the same I sell the 4s but it seems smaller and not pure google. So should I sell the iPhone 4S for a nexus ? I hear some complains on radio and battery but I'm almost always driving so I always charge the phone.

  • Getting a new phone, what kind should i get?

    Im looking for a new kind that would work well, its nice and isnt shitty!

  • My phone.. help!?!?!?!?!?!?¿¿?

    How long will my samsung galaxy s2 last on half a bar charged?x answer asa please x?

  • What is the best phone on this list?

    samsung galaxy s3 mini Motorola RAZR I Sony xperia J iphone 4s HTC windows phone 8s HTC one s

  • What is the top 10 phones?

    need a new phone

  • Thinking of getting anew phone, any ideas? (brands etc)?

    I currently own an iphone 4 which I've had for quite a while, I'm thinking of getting a new phone, any recommendations or good brand new phones? I still quite like the iPhone range but open to new ideas.

  • What's a really good phone that's also cheap?

    I mean like touch or a full body? (blackberry buttons..) I just need a new phone and have no idea what to get.

  • What phones come with beats audio and the earphones?

  • Wich phone should i get?

    So my phone died yesterday and im looking for a new smartphone (Android based) Im gonna buy a low budget phone (since i have not much to spend) And i saw 3 pretty nice priced phones: LG P350 Optimus Me, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Sony Xperia X8 Wich one is the best choice? (with or without ROMing)

  • Which android smart phone is best among these 3 phones? Samsung galaxy ace, samsung galaxy ace duos or htc cha?

    Which android smart phone is best among these 3 phones? Samsung galaxy ace, samsung galaxy ace duos or htc chacha?