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  • Format of movies to play on Android phone?

    I was trying to put movies I have onto my phone but I dont know what the format needs to be to be able to play it. the phone is the samsung epic for sprint.

  • What is with all the 3D crap?

    I know that all 3D movies are alsO in 2D but now there are 3d tvs, 3D video games, the 3D DS, the EVO 3D. WTF! I don't get it in the movies the glasses are freaking annoying. The DS and EVO aren't really that cool and don't have that moch depth, it's more of a gimmick than a feature. And the video games like the ps3 also have the annoying glasses. The only cool 3D movie that was cool was Avatar which was only cool in IMAX. I just don't get the appeal. Btw. 3D tv... Really you get like 2 3D channels and have to wear the glasses ALL the ******* time

  • How can i get movies on my Android tablet?

    I go it for christmas and i tryed everything!! !the Android apps store sucks and google play movies,getjar and other stuff! Plz tell how i can get movies on my tablet!?!?:( 10 points!!!! :)

  • What tablet will allow you to download and watch movies?

    Which tablet, samsung galaxy tablet, nook hd, toshiba, kindle fire etc will allow you to either watch movies that u can transfer from usb pen or download straight on to the tablet. Which tablet will allow u watch it in normal format rather than change the format

  • Where to watch movies on android?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I been looking for apps or a website that will let me watch movies on android. Anyone know any places? P.S. Every site i been to says i need to update codec or wont let me open file after its been downloaded :/

  • Can Someone explain to me how netflix works?

    Well I 'm waiting on my new debit card so you can subscribe to Netflix . I have a Samsung HDTV ( Netflix is available in it and in my samsung blue ray player) , I have a samsung galaxy s and I can install an application from Netflix , and a labtop computer , but my question is how I can watch a movie at once or do I have to wait for it to load , which is a queue , and what is the limit of devices? i only going to use for my computer , television and telephone. Netflix is new to me :)

  • Free movies on android samsung galaxy s3?

    Hey :) Does anyone know any good sites where you can watch full movies directly from my samsung galaxy s3 free, which is fast and no need to download anything ? No problem if I have to download anything , but it would be better if I did not have to . I have really wanted to see a couple movies tonight nz maori . By the way I'm using wifi ... Please reply as soon as possible .. 10points best answer . Thanks :)