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  • 15th birthday wishlist?

    My 15th birthday is approaching. I've made a list of some things I want. Please tell me if I should ask for other things or not. Thank you. Steve Madden Boots Pandora Bracelet Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume Samsung Galaxy S2 (I'm paying for half) Black Leather Jacket and/or Zara Green Coat Makeup cosmetics I will be going to a concert after my birthday also. I will be going go karting with my friends on my birthday too :)

  • Should i get the HTC EVO design 4G or the Samsung Galaxy S2?

  • I phone 4s &samsung galaxy s3 help ?

    which is better ? any problems with anyone ? Which do you prefer? can get snapchat

  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 - Coupons to use for discount?

    Hey yahoo , So I've had the same phone samsung for so long . It has always works and is good , but I want to upgrade to something new . I'm looking to buy samsung galaxy s3 , but I'm looking to see what kind of coupons and other discounts out there for the phone . I know it's Christmas time, and I want to get my new phone while sales of Christmas is here . Please let me know !