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  • How do you recover your gmail password without having to reset the current password?

    I can't access my Samsung Galaxy Tab now because it's asking for my Gmail username and password but I forgot my password since I acquired the email years ago. I tried logging in online but it's asking me to reset my password (which would be utterly useless if I do so). Can anyone tell me how to access my Tablet without having to reformat the device or having to reset my password online? Help me, PLEASE.

  • What can i do with the samsung galaxy tab 7.7?

    i am looking for a tablet that helps me read texts and highlight important parts in it as well as taking notes about them so can i do that with the samsung galaxy tab 7.7? and if you have other suggestions then please tell me but don't say ipad, because the screen is a little big for me thank you.

  • Whats the difference between an android tablet and more expensive ones?

    Looking for an e reader for my daughter, but also one for me, and found an android tablet - which would be useful for the internet too, but it is 'android' what is the difference? Do androids work as well as the more exepensive tablets? If i can get a tablet that also works as a reader, so much the better! thanks for your help$ja=cid%3a234787%7ccgid%3a4891610%7ctsid%3a24595%7ccgn%3aStruq_tracker%7ckw%3aTracking+Pixel

  • With updated android phone, can I go back to the previous version?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace originally with Android 2.3.3, I updated it using my pc to 2.3.6 but this version does not include Arabic language, can I go back to my original version?

  • What are some of the biggest key things to look for in a "low price" tablet computer?

    I am looking at getting a tablet computer in the near future and I have my eye on several models that are around $500-$700 dollars like the new HP Touchpad. I like the Ipad too only except it doesn't allow flash so that's a downside to it where the rest do. Now here lately I have been noticing alot of "no name" tablets popping up everywhere online for around $100 but I know little about them so I need help deciding what are some of the key diffrences between a $100 tablet and a $500 tablet. This will be my 1st tablet I've ever owned and really just need something for basic needs while travling where I don't have my laptop. Would it be worth spending an extra $4-$500 for a good name tablet or do you think teh average person would be happy with a tablet that is around $1-$200 range? Any good websites I should use to compare models?

  • I dropped Samsung Galaxy S3, need help!?

    So i got first world problem here :) Dropped my S3, nothing cracked, not even a scratch, but should I be worried about software issues or something alike? Like damage inside a phone or something? Appreciate you help!

  • Why do people hate Apple products so much?

    I have been asking a lot of people this but I just like opinions. It is a long story but to make it very short I am either praised or prosecuted brutally for owning a macbook pro and having an iphone. They are just electronics, I never understood why people can have a religious devotion for Apple or an infuriating hate for people who use their products...I just like them and have always had good experiences with them using xTools and Finalcut and such.

  • Is.the samsung galaxy.s2 have tje same a samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket?

  • How much data usage does streaming use..?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy tab, 10.1 and I was wondering if anyone knew how much data usage it may use to stream an hours worth of Netflix time, or how much time can I watch on say.. 10gig of internet usage. I guess this may be based on the the strength of the machine? Ive no idea on these things to be honest, so please help. Many thanks.

  • Need a Tablet for the cure !!?

    Hey guys, I know this might sound like a frequently asked question, but i am planning to purchase a tablet and confused as to which one to purchase. I currently have my eye on the Samsung tab 8.9 32GB, but still thinking about it. I wouldnt want to go for anything bigger or heavier than this. I do a lot of reading, so the main use of this tab will be to read books, browsing doccuments, magazines etc. I would also use it for office work, so mails and office tools are a must. Media features need to good too to watch videos and live streaming maybe. So should i stick to the option or can anyone suggest something better. Guys really confused, please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Do i go for samsung galaxy s duos software update?

    I had bought s duos on 15 nov. now it showing some software update.... do i go for it or not..?

  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs iPad 2?

    I wanted an iPad 2 (refer to iPad 1 vs iPad 2) but doing some research I came across the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it seems like you get more for your money with the Galaxy Tab. Is that true? And also how do you set it up can you do it wirelessly not setting it up to your computer. Any comparisons and personal experiences would be helpful. I have a 4th generation iPod touch so I was wondering if the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be good because it would be different than my current OS or stick with Apple's OS. I also like how the Galaxy Tab supports flash websites and I've heard it has apps pre loaded that are like office. It seems like a netbook. Is that true?

  • Is an iPad 2 plus a desktop Mac at home a good combination for college?

    I will be starting college this fall at the University of Houston. My parents want to help me out with some sort of computer for college and we are having trouble deciding between a laptop or iPad 2. I have a desktop computer at home that dual boots Mac OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7 Home Premium and each OS has Microsoft Office. I am thinking that I will be able to go to lectures, take notes with an iPad 2 and wireless Bluetooth keyboard but then come home and work on projects/essays/presentations. If need be, I could use iWork or QuickOffice Pro HD to start assignments and then finish them at home. The only problem is that it may be difficult when trying to study with friends and they all have Microsoft Office and I don't. If anyone has any experience with this, I'd like to know how it went. I've been doing some research and I've read many articles saying that the iPad doesn't have a proper word processor and things like that, but the articles are from when the original iPad came out. Has the OS been upgraded enough to the point where it could be used as a functional device for college classes? Just to summarize, I want to buy an iPad and the main purpose of this device would be for taking notes in lectures, then come home and work on assignments on my desktop computer. Is this a plausible scenario?

  • Which Tablet is better for playing games the SAMSUNG GLAXY TAB P6210 or the ACER ICONIA TAB A100?

  • How to sync music from my zune collection on my computer to my galaxy s2?

    I have a bunch of music on my zune collection that I would like to sync to my phone, how do I do that?

  • How to install apps to sd card?

    I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0(p3100) and it has only 5gb user available memory and i have heard that it cannot install apps to sd card. i want to know that if anybody of you own the tab and have updated it to jelly bean os of android has the problem been resolved or please tell any way of moving and using the apps from sd card. plz help!!! thanx!

  • Can I upgrade my Galaxy SII firmware?

    My firmware is: PDA: KE1 / Phone: KDJ / CSC: KD1 (O2U) Can I upgrade it? I used KIES 2.0 but it said it can't. Is there a reason?

  • What should i do if I flashed some other phone's Rom into another phone..?

    Please Help I flashed Samsung Galaxy GT-S5830i's Rom in GT-S5830, now my phone isn't turning on. pressing the power button is not working, its not even going to Recovery or Downloading mode... what should I do now..? the rom was MindCr SGS3 Styled Rom for Galaxy Ace S5830i please answer me asap..

  • Galaxy tab 10.1 flash and browser not working?

    for my bother's galaxy tab, flash isnt really working, any flash game i try, flash player program (for flash stored locally) doesnt work, netflix doesnt work either (not sure if it's cause of this but right now it's my only guess), when i look online, the only answer i get for fixing flash is go to browser and enable plug-ins but also the browser crashes right after trying to start it, i can clear data to reset the browser to get it working again, but go to any site with flash, it crashes and cant start up again unless i clear data again the other browsers still work but dont play flash any idea hwo to fix this

  • Ipod or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

    Im going to buy a tablet. But i don't know what to choose Ipod or Samsung galaxy tab? (best answer=10 points) ;-)