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Is it hard to keep up with tech as a software developer/web developer etc? related questions

  • 1Is it hard to keep up with tech as a software developer/web developer etc?

    1)As a software developer/web developer is it difficult or stressful to keep up with technological changes? 2) How much of your own time do you devote to updating your skills? Do you lack much free time? 3)Does your work feel meaningful? I suppose this answers depends on the company you are working for. Not sure if this is posted in the right place but I'll give it a go. Thanks in advance.  

  • 2I need urgent bespoke php developer!

    I need urgent bespoke php developer!

  • 3I changed out my hard drive on my ps3 with a 500gb one and I'm wondering if I should use my older hard drive?

    from it as a 2nd smaller hard drive for putting movies on? Like reformating the drive and just use it as a computer hard drive (my computer has a special bay for 2.5 inch drives). Or would it be best to not use it and keep it as it is incase if my ps3 hard drive was the ever die? What would you do? I was thinking of putting copies of all my movies onto that drive and when I want to watch a movie put it on my micro sd card and watch it on my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab. What is your opinion on this?

  • 4Evo 3D and 3DS Tech comparison?

    Is the technology in the new Sprint™ Evo 3D and the Nintendo® 3DS the same?

  • 5Tech Influencers

    What you know about Tech Influencers  ?

  • 6This or That Tech Version?

    1. iPhone vs HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3 (to choose the second option ) 2. Like Dislike vs Blackberry Blackberry 3. Microsoft vs. Apple 4. PC vs. Mac 5. Chrome vs your favorite browser other than Chrome ( say ) 6. Video Music vs ( and pretend that you can not have music videos) 7. Black vs White mobile phones 8. Windows vs OS ( or whatever Apple is one)


    If i buy an hdmi adapter for my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 would i be able to plug my ps3 into it? please help!!!!

  • 8Android tech heads help please :)?

    Hey guys, I am getting a replacement phone as my current one is broken. I own a Samsung galaxy s2 and it's being replaced by the same. I want to know how do I back up my apps that I have paid for so I can get them on my new phone.. What's the easiest way to all of this? Thanks x

  • 9What tablet should i buy for someone who is tech literate?

    Server Hangup Server Hangup

  • 10Which is a better an Android or iphone for someone who is not tech savvy?

    I currently have an old flip phone and have never had a smartphone. I am not sure which is better for me. I have the ipad2 and love it but the apps cost alot. Are there more free apps for the Android than there are for the iphone? I am very confused by all the options.

  • 11Ugh....It's so hard which one should I get?

  • 12What is better to get and no hard on the eyes?

    I went to Walmart and to see information about them. They have the Nook / eReader / and Kindle . I went here to find information about the time or see what others have to say about them , one would say that the Kindle is less Straning good eye. So what is better for the eyes Nook / eReader / Kindle.