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Where can I boot android devices? related questions

  • 1Where can I boot android devices?

    Where can I boot android devices?

  • 2Cydia for android devices?

    ok ibve been a long time lover and loved develouping apple jailbreak and ... Summarizing lol im a geek , but I've always hated cousin apple as a company there are plenty of basteds arogent so reecently Andoid moved to be a geek and I've learned a lot about android yet , my asus tf300 tablet is based now and my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well, but not as good iphone ( smart hack ) as theres not a lot of hacks and tweeks , there is a few free apps downloaders but **** , so is there any cydia as Android ? would be sick if they had

  • 3Best Laptop to go with android devices?

    I'm thinking of buying a 4 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S3 10, what would be the best laptop to get tougher sync (like Apple iCloud ) ? thanks

  • 4Is AppPlanet safe for android devices?

    Is it safe ? ( It slows my android , virus , etc ? I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 today , really do not want to pay $ 5 for an application , making it safe to use this ? Thank you.

  • 5IPhone won't let me Bluetooth to any non-apple devices or recieve Bluetooth things from non-apple devices?

    Why is this and how can it be changed? I want to Bluetooth a few ringtones to my friends. They have HTCs and Samsung Galaxy Aces. It's really bugging me x

  • 6My Galaxy S3 can't boot.?

    So my phone is a G3 roots , and today I plugged my phone into the computer , Samsung Kies wanted to update , and I clicked Yes , not knowing better. Then he went out and did not run update . So, being curious , I went through the phone system upgrade there, got the update to work , and installed it , and asked to reboot . I clicked yes . The problem occurs . No reboot, just close. I can not get it to boot again. When I boot with the power button , it turns on , then turns off just as the words

  • 7Help! Stuck in Boot Screen!?

    Well, I have a note N7000 Galaxy International series . I just upgraded to ICS again in two weeks . Everything was going well until ... I installed a software update (which was an official firmware ) on my phone. It read:

  • 8My Samsung Galaxy Ace won't boot up?

    It just keeps flashing the name of my cell phone provider and Samsung, does anyone have some suggestoins?

  • 9HTC Evo 3d won't boot past Telstra icon?

    Well, the problem started when the battery is flat and the phone went off. The battery seems to drain completely within 24 hours , for some reason. The phone is about 2 months old . No mods or nothing has been done to him. Basically , I connect to the computer, try to turn it on. It takes a number of attempts to hold down the power button for a few seconds to be on. " Quietly " Excellent display flashes the HTC , Telstra icon appears in the center of the screen. Start no further. I left it for 5 minutes before trying the suggestions as the three button trick , the camera button trick power , the power button and hold for 15 seconds trick ,everything! Not sure why he's doing this. It started yesterday and worked fine until the battery drains . Also , why the battery drain so fast? I did not even running another program I have : S and I barely even use it at the time . thanks

  • 10How to dual-boot Samsung Galaxy Mini?

    Is there any way I could have 2 OS on Samsung Galaxy Mini?

  • 11Samsung Galaxy Mini Boot Loop?

    I've had my phone for about one year and a half now , and everything worked fine . I returned my phone last night , and this morning I kept going in a loop and will not boot . I tried to take the battery out and put it back , but that did nothing , and the phone kept looping . Is there any possible way to solve this problem , and if so , how ? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Mini GT - S55570 . I have also tried pressing volume and power at home that does not help .

  • 12How to apply kernel patch on samsung galaxy y using boot.img?

    I want to run DroidWall the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 . I have a boot.img for kernel update , but I'm sure how. I can make ? ? Or ... support any custom rom for DroidWall ? Thanks in advance .