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Is there a setting that adds location to photos automatically? related questions

  • 1Is there a setting that adds location to photos automatically?

    Settings for photo location

  • 2How to track a phone location?

    I want to get an app for android in case I lose it or stolen by someone.

  • 3How to get your location area on your facebook status?

    And i guess a few months ago, the facebook when can a state , it would show their location or nearby. as Baltimore area or whatever . but now as I just relized that no longer appears . I have gps on and click the symbol i location in the state of the thing , and it would show there, but two did not show in your state. So I was wondering if anyone knows how to make it appear again . This is for android . I tried my friends iphone and it does, but not for android . I have the samsung galaxy s3 . and would love if someone can tell me what to do or something!

  • 4Contract Phones: does the money get taken out automatically?

    hi , I recently bought a phone ( Samsung Galaxy Ace carphonewarehouse Talkmobile ) and wondering how to pay the bill. not get the money straight out of my account or do not give them a letter or something? on the Carphone Warehouse website , you can check your balance online. im wondering why shows all the numbers I have called and texted . is shown on the invoice so you pay monthly? im sorry for the confusing question . thanks in advance

  • 5How to go to master setting in galaxt tab 2.. 10.1?

    I just want reset the setting and my account so can anybody help me that how can go to master setting in galaxy tab 2...10.1

  • 6How to open setting in WhatsApp?

    A friend of mine installed WhatsApp in her Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone. She wanted to change the profile picture but couldn't find 'setting' button to click. I have the same application in my Samsung Galaxy Tab, and can change the profile picture easily by clicking the bar button on the top right corner of the screen. However, this button seems to be absent when the application is installed in the Mini.… Is it still possible to change the picture in the Mini?

  • 7Setting the battery on a new smart phone?

    I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2 of Sprint yesterday. I've always heard that you are too switch the phone , start using it, and let it run completely dead . Then they told me to go out and charge it completely. And do this 3 or 4 times . Is this true ? Will it help the battery or am I wasting my time? If this is true , do you leave your load while ? I'm expecting a call soon, but is almost dead . I stopped last night and loaded die completely in position 1 total time out , this is the second time its been loaded . thanks

  • 8Does the tablet offer from rogers come automatically with an internet plan? I don't want it?

    I got the super phone deal where you activate 2 phones, you get a tablet. I was wondering if rogers makes you pay for internet on the tablet, or can you have to tablet without the extra cost

  • 9How do I stop download apps from automatically going onto my samsung galaxy s2 desktop?

    Every time you download a new application that gets on my desktop / wallpaper / Lo homepage . How I can avoid this?

  • 10Guys why is my phone light coming on automatically at times...even when no msg or call is there...plz help?

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830

  • 11Samsung Galaxy S3 Remote Control Setting option.?

    I have the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and registered with the Samsung Account . There I realized I have a remote control function of the device while the phone can locate , lock , wipe , etc. However, the problem is that I can not find this option . I went to the configuration , security , but the remote control option is not there. I also reset the phone to default and remove and replace my Google accounts and Samsung . Has anyone been able to use this option ? thank you

  • 12In my samsung galaxy s3 when i going to touch the front camera then mobile off automatically. can u suggest me?

    Check where the configuration