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Best mobile Prepaid service in US? related questions

  • 1Best mobile Prepaid service in US?

    I'm from Chicago and I will not be in a contract . I'm thinking of buying my friend on verizon samsung galaxy s3 . Does Verizon Prepaid good? Or tmobile have a better one?

  • 2Tmobile prepaid service help?

    I will start using your prepaid service , hows the service? And if I can buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2 to , I can make the payments instead of paying full price up front ?

  • 3Did you know that I can activate unlimited everything for only 15 dollars per month verizon prepaid service?

    I provide unlimited everything with 3g high speed internet for only 15 dollars per month on: Samsung fascinate, samsung epic, lg ally and lg optimus. 248-383-5752 this is a very special verizon prepaid service you must go through me to get this activation. I provide remote phone flashing for those models above.

  • 4How much is a T-Mobile prepaid Samsung Galaxy S3?

    How much does a T -Mobile prepaid Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

  • 5What's the best prepaid mobile phone plan to use in the UK?

    I'm traveling to London and Paris later this month and want to use my GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus (bought in the U.S.) while I'm there . as a Nexus , it is sim - unlocking . My question , specifically , is that companies will be compatible with radios that uses my Nexus ? And which companies offer the best prices and service packages for foreign visitors like me?

  • 6Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-mobile prepaid)?

    Currently I have a prepaid plan from T -Mobile . If I were to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S3 of T -Mobile , I can ? Simply change the SIM card and have the prepaid plan in the galaxy or I have to do someting more . A little help would be appreciated .


    I want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 to use as a prepaid phone with T -Mobile . Where I can get it?


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is locked and in the contract . I wanted to know if I can put a Tmobile prepaid micro SIM card in my phone locked if it works like I would be able to call and text on it ?

  • 9T Mobile - My phone has no service Problems!!?

    last month i woke up one morning and found my Samsung Galaxy S 2 / II had no service... i thought it was just the carriers fault so i waited about a couple hours and it still said No Service... out of frustration i visited a local t mobile retailer and they replaced my sim card... hooray the new sim card worked! so then i go home and a couple hours later... NO SERVICE / SEARCHING... you could imagine how frustrated i am by now... so i go back to the t mobile store and they send me a new galaxy s 2... (had to go on a whole week without a phone waiting for the new one to arrive). when the new galaxy s2 finally arrived i put my sim card in and bam it worked... i was so happy... then the next morning... NO SERVICE... i was pretty pissed at this point... i went back to the t mobile store AGAIN and they replaced the sim card another time and it worked again... but this time i worked for about 2 days... then i would say NO SERVICE or SEARCHING then it would get service again.... it fluctuates throughout the day and finally today it gave up on me and now its stuck on NO SERVICE... i am on the verge bashing my phone into millions of tiny pieces at any moment... i tried everything! i ran through 4 new sim cards... a brand new phone... i tried everything on the internet... most frustrating thing ever if anyone can help please i would appreciate it so much. Thanks for your time

  • 10Can I buy the samsung galaxy S3 and use boost mobile service?

    I had been buying off HSN and try to get the Boost Mobile service rather than sprint !

  • 11Want to use a Sprint phone on Virgin Mobile service, is this possible?

    I have been using Virgin Mobile for a while , but I really think that their phones do not keep up with your

  • 12Can I use a sprint phone on boost mobile service?

    I have received several different answers when googling this and more are old so I'm not sure . my cousin has the same phone to make a sprint samsung epic and says he is on enhancing the mobile network and it was easy I just had to pay $ 50 to get it flashed and $ 50 for the first month bill and everything works in it. How do I do with my phone Sprint or any Sprint phone bill or what I call so far I 've noticed that it's just some phones , but do not know what and who can be a CDMA phone .