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What cell phone should I get? related questions

  • 1My husband wants to gift me a cell phone for my coming birthday. Which is the best phone at the moment.?

    My husband wants me to gift the latest iPhone but I want the last Sumsung galaxy . If I go to galaxy , then can someone tell me what is the last series of the galaxy one. Is Samsung Galaxy S III or IV S ?

  • 2Which cell phone is best fir me?

    I 'm debating between samsung galaxy note , galaxy III , or the HTC one ( TM ) X. I would use primarily for personal use , such as music, pictures , scedule daily . Galaxy Note so far is my favorite because of the incredible size . I do not know much about the latest phones , but these are the top three that look appealing to me . My company is AT

  • 3Which cell phone should i get?

    I'm confused on samsung galaxy s3 seems a good phone but so does the Nokia Lumia 900 I've read about the two and I like what I read , but I really do not know which one to choose someone to help me!

  • 4What cell phone should I get?

    Currently I have a Xperia X10 mini pro that I really like, but I want to get a new one . I mostly use my phone to listen to music and go on the internet , so I want a phone that plays music and has good quality 4G apart from that I touch screen, takes great pictures , and HD resolution . Physical keyboard would be nice if possible. I considered the Samsung Galaxy S3 , but it is so large compared to the one I have now , and that quality does not play good music , but other than that I like. ? I can get some advice or suggestions on what should be done ?

  • 5Which cell phone is better? And why?

    ( Verizon Wireless) 1. HTC Thunderbolt Or .... 2. Samsung DROID Charge Thank you ! !

  • 6Which cell phone should i buy?plz help.?

    samsung galaxy ace or samsung galaxy fit Friends plz

  • 7What cell phone should i get?

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy Nexus or Droid Incredible or HTC Rezound 4G LTE

  • 8What cell phone is better?

    Samsung Epic or HTC Evo Shift What Sprint phone you recommend?

  • 9Which cell phone is better ?!?

    I recently bought a new cell phone a LG OPTIMUS SLIDER [ with Keyboard ] from Straight Talk. I love this phone and after much research I felt comfortable in buying it. I love this phone. The thing is that I have a visual impairment and was hoping you could expand the letter , I am, but not as I imagined it to be. After doing research on other phones I've found interest in the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830L . But I think that is a cut of what I have now . This phone is 2.2 with android and my LG is a 2.3 . I was wondering if this phone is very up to date and could use the Android Market without problems , this phone has a webcam on the front and rear web chat ! Is this phone a good phone to buy or should I stick with my LG ! I hope everyone understands my question and is able to help you decide which phone is better . Thank you. CC ...

  • 10What cell phone should I buy?

    As confirmation , present my parents will give me only cell phone I want, so that a witch should you select? I've been thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S III , but not sure ...

  • 11I need a new cell phone, what's the best?

    Ok! So, I'm fed up with relying on my touch scene only, so I'm thinking about getting a new phone. I have verizon, and I want a QWERTY keyborad. I like touch screens, but not for texting. So, any recommendations for the best QWERTY keyboard phone, from verizon?

  • 12Which cell phone should I get?

    I am buying a cell phone, I noticed that some were on sell at virgin I personally like the Samsung Galaxy S2,(300.00) but it is a bit over my budget. I would also consider the HTC EVO V (200.00) or the Samsung Galaxy Reverb(99.99) Do you think it's worth it to get th SGs2, or should I get one of the other two?