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QCydia for android devices?

ok ibve been a long time lover and loved develouping apple jailbreak and ... Summarizing lol im a geek , but I've always hated cousin apple as a company there are plenty of basteds arogent so reecently Andoid moved to be a geek and I've learned a lot about android yet , my asus tf300 tablet is based now and my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well, but not as good iphone ( smart hack ) as theres not a lot of hacks and tweeks , there is a few free apps downloaders but **** , so is there any cydia as Android ? would be sick if they had

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#1paddyAnswered at 2013-03-22 18:48:16
No, there are plenty hacks and how to get free apps but as prirating applications is illegal I can not tell you how but the hacks are fcound everywhere as a whole rather cpu ads or running windows / unbuntu yu device check ou
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Cydia for android devices?

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