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Cydia for android devices? related questions

  • 1Cydia for android devices?

    ok ibve been a long time lover and loved develouping apple jailbreak and ... Summarizing lol im a geek , but I've always hated cousin apple as a company there are plenty of basteds arogent so reecently Andoid moved to be a geek and I've learned a lot about android yet , my asus tf300 tablet is based now and my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well, but not as good iphone ( smart hack ) as theres not a lot of hacks and tweeks , there is a few free apps downloaders but **** , so is there any cydia as Android ? would be sick if they had

  • 2Where can I boot android devices?

    Where can I boot android devices?

  • 3Best Laptop to go with android devices?

    I'm thinking of buying a 4 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S3 10, what would be the best laptop to get tougher sync (like Apple iCloud ) ? thanks

  • 4Is AppPlanet safe for android devices?

    Is it safe ? ( It slows my android , virus , etc ? I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 today , really do not want to pay $ 5 for an application , making it safe to use this ? Thank you.

  • 5IPhone won't let me Bluetooth to any non-apple devices or recieve Bluetooth things from non-apple devices?

    Why is this and how can it be changed? I want to Bluetooth a few ringtones to my friends. They have HTCs and Samsung Galaxy Aces. It's really bugging me x

  • 6What is the best stylus for all devices?

    For all capacitive touchscreen devices including, iPads, Kindle Fires, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tabs, etc.

  • 7I need a Calendar that will sync with all of my devices, help?!?

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and a Galaxy Tab (also an HP Pavillion but I'm more worried about syncing the Tab and my Phone). Any suggestions on Calendar Apps? I would prefer a free or very cheep one please and thank you!

  • 8Is there any handheld internet devices out there?

    ok i just want a handheld machine that just goes on the internet. i could just get a phone with internet but my my mum says im not allowed to get another phone as i have lost 2 of them. sony mylo was good but they have stopped selling them now. can u name any others.

  • 9Internet devices that does not need monthly payment?

    I sold my ipod touch and I need a internet device that only requires wi-fi and no 3g or 4g or anything like that like iphone or galaxy phones and smartphones I just want a device that you could use internet with wifi, and it has to be as good as like ipad and stuff, but i cant get apple products. i saw kindle fire, but is it worth it? is the movies and all the books free to read directly from it? and is there many apps equal to or more than itunes apps? what im concerned the most is that i want the device to have as many apps downloadable as itunes and i wanna stream free movies and watch like, anime through it on internet with the device. or can i just get like a tablet from samsung like, galaxy 10.1 ? i think and cancel the plan and just use the device with wifi without any plan just like an ipad or itouch?

  • 10How to connect samsung allshare devices?

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab 2 , but can not get AllShare to work between devices . Help would be appreciated ! I play files from my phone on the Display tab ideally

  • 11Are there any pocket sized devices used just for surfing the net?

    Ok, so I want to get a device that is entirely used for surfing the Internet (watching videos and reading stuff mainly), but does such a device exist? I know they use to make pocket surfers but I dont think they could watch videos. Do Archos make this kind of device, Samsung? I looked at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7") but this plays music and stuff and has loads of other stuff on it but I already have other devices for music and videos and this kind of thing. So basically, does some kind of tablet or device that is used entirely for surfing the net (watching YouTube, reading and shopping) actually exist? And it is available to buy for cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7")? The reason I ask is because my iPod is getting ridiculously slow and laggy but is still good to listen to music too, and I don't want to get something that can play music because I've set up my music library with iTunes and I don't want to go through moving all of my music to Windows Movie Player as ITunes can only be used for Apple devices, and Im not paying half a grand for an iPad (which can't even play flash).

  • 12What devices do I really need? Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop?

    I am no child ;-) So I have an old flip phone , a desk and a landline . I'm thinking I could use a bit of an update , but that gadgets do you really need? All I need is a way to call , text and Internet access . I need the Internet primarily for e-mail , online banking , shopping, Facebook , YouTube (more listen to music all on YouTube ) and general navigation . I surf a lot, so I could see eating a data plan on a smartphone like me that I have no problem w / my PC at home. Also, I like my old desktop wiring for banking / commercial - feels more