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QHow to change the language of samsung apps in galaxy s3?

I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3 of Saudi Arabia and I can not change the language to English Samsung apps . How I can do ? please help . :)

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#1Missy*Answered at 2013-01-24 22:15:51
I 'm having the same problem .... 'App ' The SamsungApps on my Galaxy S3 is set to Italian , but my account with Samsung Apps is the UK . As a result I can not download applications via Sapps - they say that the settings are different and there is no way I can find to change the configuration of the S3 . Not the phone language settings ( already in English ) , is the Samsung Apps screen and no option to change it - I even tried to reset the whole thing to get to the omission , but still is in Italian - no idea why , as it is a UK phone ! I have also tried to set my mind to Italian ( with the hope that I could download the applications they need) but there is no option to make the ether - I think it is related to the location of the computer so there is no option to change ( unless I go to Italy , perhaps ? ) I have tried to contact the Samsung customer support ( many times) , but I will give a contact email to Samsung Apps and equipment are unable to help themselves - I am very disappointed by their service - . is basically Crap If anyone knows a solution for this , would be greatly appreciated .
#2JaerAnswered at 2013-03-07 02:47:33
Here hope it helps
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How to change the language of samsung apps in galaxy s3?

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