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What phone service do you have? related questions

  • 1What phone service do you have?

    For your cell / mobile phone? I have Sprint Bq : What kind of phone do you ? Samsung Galaxy exhibitions .

  • 2Recently upgraded phone &don't have as many bars of service as my old phone at house?

    Title mostly explains . Improved phone to a Samsung Galaxy S3 . I realize that I have only one bar , sometimes two at home . My previous phone ( DroidX ) usually have three . The reception has been great so far , but it's just weird now I have fewer bars . Should I call Verizon or if the reception is good , whatever it is , then?

  • 3Which phone service is better for the Samsung Galaxy S3?

    T -Mobile ? Sprint ? Verison ?

  • 4T Mobile - My phone has no service Problems!!?

    last month i woke up one morning and found my Samsung Galaxy S 2 / II had no service... i thought it was just the carriers fault so i waited about a couple hours and it still said No Service... out of frustration i visited a local t mobile retailer and they replaced my sim card... hooray the new sim card worked! so then i go home and a couple hours later... NO SERVICE / SEARCHING... you could imagine how frustrated i am by now... so i go back to the t mobile store and they send me a new galaxy s 2... (had to go on a whole week without a phone waiting for the new one to arrive). when the new galaxy s2 finally arrived i put my sim card in and bam it worked... i was so happy... then the next morning... NO SERVICE... i was pretty pissed at this point... i went back to the t mobile store AGAIN and they replaced the sim card another time and it worked again... but this time i worked for about 2 days... then i would say NO SERVICE or SEARCHING then it would get service again.... it fluctuates throughout the day and finally today it gave up on me and now its stuck on NO SERVICE... i am on the verge bashing my phone into millions of tiny pieces at any moment... i tried everything! i ran through 4 new sim cards... a brand new phone... i tried everything on the internet... most frustrating thing ever if anyone can help please i would appreciate it so much. Thanks for your time

  • 5Can you put phone service on any samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could buy any galaxy tab 2 10.1 and take it to AT&T to have 4G or 3G internet activated on it, or does the tablet have to be specify that it supports it.

  • 6What is the best PC tabet but is not with a phone service like verizom etc.?

    I want to get one of these for christmas but I dont know which one is the best but $200 or under

  • 7How the hell do I not have good service everywhere on a 4g phone?

    I have a T -Mobile HTC One S , the phone newest and hottest 4g out and yet I'm sitting at home ( on the types of wood ) and I have only 2 bars , no 4g, 1g not , NO G! WTF ? I paid good money for this phone , I thought I would get good service wherever you go .

  • 8What phone and phone service to buy: Sprint - EVO or EPIC, AT&T - IPhone 4?

    My fiance is not quite tech savvy so will not use smart phone capabilities. We need the cheapest (getting married) plan for her and I on the family plan. I'm getting a smart phone, her a reg phone, 700 min, 250 txt, unlimited data. Cheers...

  • 9My phone service provider won't let me upgrade my Android phone.?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I currently have 4.0.3 installed and I want to update to 4.0.4, my friend who has a different provider and also has an S2 had it automatically updated about 2 months ago, mine says ''No update available'' Is there any way to update it?

  • 10Please recomend phone unlocking online service?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Bell closed . It's a phone in Canada and want to be able to use it with Rogers . Any sujjestions cheap reliable sites will open to me ? Thanks I appreciate any help .

  • 11Want to use a Sprint phone on Virgin Mobile service, is this possible?

    I have been using Virgin Mobile for a while , but I really think that their phones do not keep up with your

  • 12Can I use a sprint phone on boost mobile service?

    I have received several different answers when googling this and more are old so I'm not sure . my cousin has the same phone to make a sprint samsung epic and says he is on enhancing the mobile network and it was easy I just had to pay $ 50 to get it flashed and $ 50 for the first month bill and everything works in it. How do I do with my phone Sprint or any Sprint phone bill or what I call so far I 've noticed that it's just some phones , but do not know what and who can be a CDMA phone .