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From which store can I purchase a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 in Los Angeles,CA? related questions

  • 1From which store can I purchase a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 in Los Angeles,CA?

    In what store I can buy a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 in Los Angeles , CA ?

  • 2Should I buy a factory-unlocked galaxy S3 phone?

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 of T -Mobile . wholesale for about $ 550. Apparently , all galaxies s3 phones can be unlocked fairly easily - I hope to do if you change providers . Given that a factory unlocked Galaxy Galaxy S3 sold about the same price as mine : Is there any benefit to return this phone and buying a factory unlocked Galaxy S3 ? I have the added benefit of insurance , keeping the one I have , but considering that both cost the same phones ( and many people boast about the benefits of an unlocked phone ) wondering if I should worry about switching . Am I overseeing something ? or are both a phone and the same?

  • 3Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 4G Reset Factory?

    Hi, I would like to know when you unlocked your cell (ex; Samsung Galaxy S2 4G), then you want you reset your cell, does it lock or still unlock ? Thanks.

  • 4Can I receive OTA updates on Rooted Factory Unlocked UK Samsung Galaxy S2 II?

    Can I receive OTA updates on Rooted Factory Unlocked UK Samsung Galaxy S2 II? I bought this phone on craigslist, its the international one with the home button. this person had rooted it and despite hitting erase factory stuff, it comes up rooted with superuser and something else its on 2.3.5 and I'd like to have Ice cream Sandwich when it comes out. I don't know flashing rom and android stuff can i just click update when it comes out and have an unbricked phone? It won't have an effect on factory unlock right?

  • 5Will Samsung Galaxy nexus FACTORY UNLOCKED work onTmobile(( 4G ))?

    I have the galaxy s2 and have been using for a time as 4g tmobile but now I want the nexus s , but I have tmobile and they do not have it on tmobile but I wondered if I get a factory unlocked nexus work perfectly fine as if your s2 tmobile about how im using now or will be bad as the i phone .. you know as 4g .. please give me an asnwer ASAP.

  • 6Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 GT-I9300 Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version .. will it work with vodafone?

    Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 GT- I9300 Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version if I can buy this phone from amazon and use it in India with local networks and SIM card as vodafone , idea, BSNL ? ? What is the difference between these two S | | | are the two work well with the local network in India . ? 1) III/S3 Samsung I9300 Galaxy S GT - Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version 2) Samsung Galaxy S III / S3 unlocked GSM smartphone

  • 7Can you download apps on a unlocked phone from the play store (Samsung galaxy s3)?

    You can download apps on an unlocked phone in game store ( Samsung Galaxy S3 ) ?

  • 8Where can you buy Samsung Galaxy S3 in Los Angeles?

    I'll tranveling to LA in December , where I can get this phone at a good price ?

  • 9Where can I find Samsung Repair in Los Angeles?

    Where can I find Samsung Repair in Los Angeles?

  • 10Unlocked and not unlocked phones help?

    okay so lets say i have 2 phones, 1 is unlocked, one isn't unlocked. can i put the sim card from the one that isn't unlocked into the phone that is unlocked? i have a Verizon phone (HTC rezound) and i have a unlocked verizon phone as well can i just switch sims or no? please help! thank you sooo much!! - Robert M.

  • 11Which phone do I purchase?

    Im getting the lg nexus or Samsung Galaxy Nexus ... These phones are good ? plz reply asap need not want to pay for one! and sh1 phone what is your experience with these phones ?

  • 12Which tablet PC should I purchase?

    Here is a brief overview of what I'm looking for in a tablet: Decent e-reader - This is a must for me, since one of the main applications of the tablet is to store digital textbooks for school. I want to be able to view files of different types (in particular. Pdf, doc., Y. Docx). Size - should be compact and easy to carry with me when I travel. Fortunately for me, this means that I will not have to worry so much about the high prices of the larger tablet. Internet Connectivity - MUST be WiFi only! I do not want to have to pay more for services that I will not ever use. In addition, the contractual obligations of any vehicle is an ultimatum to me. Price -. I plan to spend no more than $ 300 Freedom - I would much control of my device as I can possibly get. (Ie:.'s Ability to change the web browser, transfer and use of the files on my computer, ect) I want to be able to use my own media files and not be forced to buy back my library media only to use on my tablet. It should also be noted that I would not mind rooting my device to achieve this goal. Power calculation - not really have to be anything special. I'll save the heavy lifting for my desktop Peripherals - devices must have connectivity to the computer whether that be via USB or Micro-SD. I have several USB Micro-B cable, so this is not a problem if you need a cord. I also need a headphone jack, but I feel it's not a problem. Additional peripherals are welcome, but not necessary for me. Memory - Not the biggest problem for me, but I would feel much more comfortable with some form of external storage, such as Micro-SD . I am also a hobbyist programmer (who mostly write in Java) and I would be able to run my programs on my tablet, so it requires a Java runtime environment. For now, I am interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi (7 inch screen), so I researched it, meets my specifications fine (I found a bit within my budget from reliable sources), but I would More information and opinions before making a final decision. If you have a tablet more appropriate in mind, please let me know. Thank you!