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1.5 GHz Dual Core VS. 1.4 GHz Quad Core Samsung Galaxy S3? related questions

  • 1Is it big of a difference between Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 or the quad core processor Samsung Exynos?

    samsung galaxy s3

  • 21.5 GHz Dual Core VS. 1.4 GHz Quad Core Samsung Galaxy S3?

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in two versions , as listed above. Does this mean that the 1.5 Ghz version has a total processing speed of 3 GHz (1.5 * 2 ) ? and the 1.4 GHz version has a processing speed of 5.6 GHz Total (1.4 * 4 ) ? that is, we have to multiply the value by the number of GHz cores or are the values ​​that are listed and the total processing speed USDA Agricultural Research phone ? (so that the 1.5 GHz version would have a total processing speed of 1.5 GHz and 1.4 GHz version would have a total processing speed of 1.4 GHz ) also how it affects your RAM speed ( 1.5 GHz version with 2 GB of RAM , while 1.4 GHz has 1 GB of RAM )

  • 3Difference between dual core and quad core processor?

    Hello , I'm buying a phone and I compared both specification . What I have not had is the difference between dual core and quad core . As I said , the phones are the Sony Xperia S and Samsung Galaxy S3 , which will be released shortly. Xperia S is used dual core Samsung Galaxy S3 quad-core is used .

  • 4I3 core processor or pentium dual core, or my droid bionic dual core, which is faster?

    As for new desktops for users of my clients at work. What do you recommend ?

  • 5Dual or Quad Core- Gaming?

    Hi there! I want to get a new HP LAPTOP. I am good with computers so I don't care if you talk about ghz, cores, RAM, and the video cards, haha. I can either get a quad core thats 2.0 ghz or a dual core thats 2.5 or 2.66ghz. I forget which. Which one would be better for running.. say... Internet with 4 tabs Mass Effect 2 Star Wars Galaxies II Itunes all at the same time? (This would be the maximum stress I would usually put on it). I am wondering if .5 ghz really make a difference? would 2.0 quad be a lot better than 2.5 dual? P.S. Customizing the HP Pavilion here. THANKS!!

  • 6How do i know if my galaxy s 3 quad core?

    I want to know the specifications of my specific phone ...

  • 7What is a quad-core processor?

    and a quad-core Exynos processor dual-core Snapdragon S4 are on smartphones ? ...

  • 8Whats After Quad Core SmartPhones?

    I know this may sound stupid talking about a better core when quad-core phone is not in yet, but I'm thinking of buying a quad core this year , maybe the Samsung Galaxy S3 if you leave I do not want to spend all that money on a quad core to last only a year before a basic phone comes out better what basically after four nuclei and the distance is for smartphones ? ? Thanks in advance :)

  • 9Is this the quad core version ? //// galaxy s3?

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  • 10Galaxy S3 Question: Is the GPU quad core?

    I wondered while the GPU is the next Galaxy S3 Quad Core or not ? It has the same graphics chip as the Galaxy S2 , which is the Mali - 400MP is only dual core ?

  • 11How do I get the samsung galaxy s 3 quad core version?

    I can not find anywhere, I live in Canada

  • 12Is Samsung galaxy sIII quad core 4G LTE coming to US?

    I wondered why Korea ( and possibly Australia ) has the 4G LTE phone and could not find if 4G LTE would be available in the U.S. . Thank you.