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Best Laptop to go with android devices? related questions

  • 1Best Laptop to go with android devices?

    I'm thinking of buying a 4 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S3 10, what would be the best laptop to get tougher sync (like Apple iCloud ) ? thanks

  • 2What devices do I really need? Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop?

    I am no child ;-) So I have an old flip phone , a desk and a landline . I'm thinking I could use a bit of an update , but that gadgets do you really need? All I need is a way to call , text and Internet access . I need the Internet primarily for e-mail , online banking , shopping, Facebook , YouTube (more listen to music all on YouTube ) and general navigation . I surf a lot, so I could see eating a data plan on a smartphone like me that I have no problem w / my PC at home. Also, I like my old desktop wiring for banking / commercial - feels more

  • 3Cydia for android devices?

    ok ibve been a long time lover and loved develouping apple jailbreak and ... Summarizing lol im a geek , but I've always hated cousin apple as a company there are plenty of basteds arogent so reecently Andoid moved to be a geek and I've learned a lot about android yet , my asus tf300 tablet is based now and my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well, but not as good iphone ( smart hack ) as theres not a lot of hacks and tweeks , there is a few free apps downloaders but **** , so is there any cydia as Android ? would be sick if they had

  • 4Where can I boot android devices?

    Where can I boot android devices?

  • 5Is AppPlanet safe for android devices?

    Is it safe ? ( It slows my android , virus , etc ? I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 today , really do not want to pay $ 5 for an application , making it safe to use this ? Thank you.

  • 6IPhone won't let me Bluetooth to any non-apple devices or recieve Bluetooth things from non-apple devices?

    Why is this and how can it be changed? I want to Bluetooth a few ringtones to my friends. They have HTCs and Samsung Galaxy Aces. It's really bugging me x

  • 7How to play songs on laptop through android 2.3.3 phone?

    I have a samsung galaxy ace running on Android 2.3.3 and a laptop HP Pavilion g series . I like to play songs in my portable hard drive through my phone so I can hear through my phone through the headset . Is there any way I can do this through an ad hoc WiFi network ? I searched the market and found some applications that require me to upload my songs on the network and then transmitted over there. I would like an option offline , I have a data plan on my phone . I've also tried to do this via bluetooth , but the service does not appear in the control window bluetooth device . Samsung all share is not working either .. Plz help me on this!

  • 8Can I connect my samsung galaxy tablet to my laptop and use the internet on it through my laptop? If so, how? ?

    Please help :(....

  • 9Better Laptop Replacement IPad 2 or a android honeycomb 3.1 tablet?

    I'm looking to give my laptop away because im getting a tablet i know this is not a 100% substitute for a laptop but i want something that's close to the experience. What i do on my laptop is play games, surf the web, Facebook etc etc nothing at all business. I have a iphone i love apps but there's more to it than just apps and my iphone is outdated (3gs) and probably will just go to a basic phone to save a little money on my phone bill so which ever tablet i get will be my use for A LOT of what i do so which one should i go with and why things i know already i know android tablets have flash which is great and i know i pad 2 has tons of apps which is also great but what else sorry for grammar and thank you

  • 10What is the best stylus for all devices?

    For all capacitive touchscreen devices including, iPads, Kindle Fires, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tabs, etc.

  • 11I need a Calendar that will sync with all of my devices, help?!?

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and a Galaxy Tab (also an HP Pavillion but I'm more worried about syncing the Tab and my Phone). Any suggestions on Calendar Apps? I would prefer a free or very cheep one please and thank you!

  • 12Is there any handheld internet devices out there?

    ok i just want a handheld machine that just goes on the internet. i could just get a phone with internet but my my mum says im not allowed to get another phone as i have lost 2 of them. sony mylo was good but they have stopped selling them now. can u name any others.