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QWhat touch screen phones are good?

I was thinking of getting a samsung galaxy ace white for Christmas are good , or what is othet touchscreens reason for them to good prices .

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#1TasaAnswered at 2013-02-02 16:18:34
I personally do not think you can beat the iPhone . I left with a 4S but not the 5 as almost no difference and you will get cheaper than the 5.
#2katelynneAnswered at 2013-02-13 08:04:46
Samsung Galaxy S3 , HTC Sensation 4G , Motorola Droid Razr ,
#3lil tiff Answered at 2013-03-13 00:32:58
I have an HTC and I love an X , Samsung Galaxy Note looks good too ! as to your other question just look at L ' Oréal and what you are getting ! :)
#45th gradeAnswered at 2013-03-14 13:17:12
Yes touch screen phones easy.It good to use is simple just touch and get your white Galaxy service.Samsung not bad for Christmas .
#5helanAnswered at 2013-03-15 11:55:27
yes, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a good phone with a good touch screen that offers good performance and features for a reasonable price
#6katelynneAnswered at 2013-03-16 07:19:02
#7hillary postAnswered at 2013-04-02 15:15:34
Samsung Galaxy S2
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What touch screen phones are good?

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