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QDoes android have the same apps as apple?

Well that may sound like a smug teenager but might get an android and I want the Galaxy S III . I want to make sure I can still get applications in Apple 's App Store , as Instagram and skype and as such .

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#1daliAnswered at 2012-12-28 15:57:46
They are not all the same , because they are by different companies / stores different applications . Some might be the same , though.
#2snoppyAnswered at 2013-01-16 08:47:09
Most applications are exactly the same yes, others maybe only exclusive apple or maybe some exclusive Google Play only think that as Xbox 360 and PS3 . Both have the same selection of games, but also have their own exclusive to their consoles , similar applies to real phones . I 'd say it's a good choice for a phone that I'm happy with my game sony ericsson xperia but I know someone who recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its good quality . Extra News : Apparently Apple has tried to halt sales of the Galaxy S3 phone because it is too similar to its own design of your iPhone / iPod Touch is not. It just sounds like Apple is worrying to have a good competitor in the smartphone market and its iPhone is perhaps the start of sales Windle a bit as far as his model 6 the damn thing .
#3PorshaAnswered at 2013-03-22 04:51:47
No. There are very few applications for Android that Apple also has . And android apps suck . Android is more for business and other things
#4hallieAnswered at 2013-04-03 18:10:18
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Does android have the same apps as apple?

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