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Is AppPlanet safe for android devices? related questions

  • 1Is AppPlanet safe for android devices?

    Is it safe ? ( It slows my android , virus , etc ? I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 today , really do not want to pay $ 5 for an application , making it safe to use this ? Thank you.

  • 2Is it safe to install custom rom on android phone?

    I have samsung galaxy s , cyanogen rom and I want to , so how much is safe to do so , and what is the opportunity brick phone ?

  • 3Best Laptop to go with android devices?

    I'm thinking of buying a 4 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S3 10, what would be the best laptop to get tougher sync (like Apple iCloud ) ? thanks

  • 4Cydia for android devices?

    ok ibve been a long time lover and loved develouping apple jailbreak and ... Summarizing lol im a geek , but I've always hated cousin apple as a company there are plenty of basteds arogent so reecently Andoid moved to be a geek and I've learned a lot about android yet , my asus tf300 tablet is based now and my Samsung Galaxy S3 as well, but not as good iphone ( smart hack ) as theres not a lot of hacks and tweeks , there is a few free apps downloaders but **** , so is there any cydia as Android ? would be sick if they had

  • 5Where can I boot android devices?

    Where can I boot android devices?

  • 6IPhone won't let me Bluetooth to any non-apple devices or recieve Bluetooth things from non-apple devices?

    Why is this and how can it be changed? I want to Bluetooth a few ringtones to my friends. They have HTCs and Samsung Galaxy Aces. It's really bugging me x

  • 7Is it safe to buy a mobile from flipkart?

    i havent bought anything online before?so i dont know about its safety.i am planning to buy a samsung galaxy ace mobile phone.i get it for the cheapest prize from flipkart.but since i havent bought anything online before,i am a bit worried.will i get original stuff from flipcart?will it be a second hand piece or a damaged piece? plz help if u know about it???

  • 8Is Car Toys A Safe Website To Upgrade Through?

    Is Car Toys website a safe site to upgrade through? I've been looking and they have the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket cheaper than anywhere else. Thanks!

  • 9Nexus S stuck on Safe Mode?

    Hey Guys i have a nexus s for a while now and i have everything up to date yesterday around 3pm i ran out of batteries my sister got a new HTC one S and since my USB didn't work i used my sisters HTC one S USB cable then i let it charge on my computer for lik 30mins unopened because it charges faster .. i opened it and it was stuck on safe mode luckily i saw that the Go Launcher was gone but it still their as an app now 90% of the apps are stuck on Loading with the android bot and its stuck on safe mode i don't know if plugging a HTC usb cable caused it or whatever but i really need help this is annoying the hell out of me..... GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS I WILL REPLY IN THE MORE INFO SECTION

  • 10How safe is flashing custom firmware?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my friend has a Galaxy Nexus Cyanogen Mod . I love the mod and a stable construction CM10 GS3 was published recently , but I'm afraid of both rooting my phone and the ROM . How safe is this process and is totally worth the risk ? I do not want to brick my phone ...

  • 11What is the best stylus for all devices?

    For all capacitive touchscreen devices including, iPads, Kindle Fires, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tabs, etc.

  • 12Ice cream sandwich on non nexus phone, is it safe?

    I've heard so much good news about the Ice cream sandwich Android software and would like to try it out. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which is NON Nexus brand. Is it safe to go ahead and upgrade?