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QDoes rooting slow down your android phone?

I want to root my Samsung Galaxy S3 , but I worry that could slow the phone as when jailbroke my iPod touch (I was a little late when I go through the menu screen right after the jailbreak , not drastically slow but it bothers me ) .

Do any of you rooted your device ? Do you have any problem with it ?

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#1Matt C.Answered at 2013-02-03 03:57:55
jeeze I like my phone, but ... not so much . Go buy ' mini ' of the galaxy if you want one , there's no need to try to " produce" a
#2jarrellAnswered at 2013-02-12 01:23:46
No rooting does not slow down your phone . I rooted my s3 , and s note . Never encountered any problem .
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Does rooting slow down your android phone?

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