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QShould I get the iPod Touch 5g?

I really want the new 5g iPod Touch , but I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 . I would get the iPod touch to store all my music , contacts , applications , videos , pictures , and so on , and I only use my s3 g call and text . But I also take it that is a great phone , but really, really want this ipod . If I get it?

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#1World War one!Answered at 2013-03-08 21:20:02
In fact , I think you should . Sure, you can call and text on your phone. And Samsung Galaxy 3 has some great features . However, you must get the new iPod . Apple did not disappoint for sure , and you can get some applications that do exactly what his phone . This is the new IOS 6. and do not forget the camera again , I have the 4th generation and recently updated to iOS 6 and I was quite impressed , and there were some things that even I could do. Those are some things to think about . If I had the new iPod . What I have thought reach would have a good answer for you . But when I start , I'll edit this. Thanks for reading my first time .
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Should I get the iPod Touch 5g?

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