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QWhich should I get - iPod Touch or Kindle Fire?

Please explain why.

Be Kindle Fire has bigger screen , but I'm more interested in having:

- Hardware best
- Music more
- More movies
- More ebooks
- More applications

Also, I know Kindle OS is a modified version of Android so does that mean I can run all Android apps designed for Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

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#1Ramesh ReddyAnswered at 2013-04-05 03:46:45
I am a big fan of the e- book and I have a smartphone and a tablet. I much prefer to read on the tablet . The screen size will make a difference , no doubt. The fire should be good for all that you mentioned , except the Touch probably has more applications . Applications for HoneyComb and IceCream Sandwich version of Android will not run on the fire , but everything else will . Moreover , the honeycomb and applications IceCream probably be available later .
#2adomeoAnswered at 2013-04-05 11:56:49
iPod touch
#3KaydrannaAnswered at 2013-04-07 17:54:11
Hi Tori , but I love iPod ( as a player) is a pain for web browsing as the screen is too small . If it would probably be a good idea to get something with a 7
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Which should I get - iPod Touch or Kindle Fire?

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