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What is better the iPad or Fire Kindle from Amazon? related questions

  • 1What is better the iPad or Fire Kindle from Amazon?

    All that matters is the internet. I'm starting a business and must be able to show someone my web site as quickly as possible and with a screen size of descent . You also need to run spreadsheets , so something like Microsoft Excel is the key ! Which is better the Kindle or iPad or something else ?

  • 2Amazon kindle fire hd vs samsung galaxy tab 2?

    i just asked a question about kindle fire hd...but now i'm wondering if anyone has used both the galaxy tab 2 and the kindle fire hd...if so, once again pros and cons please! what would one recommend?!

  • 3Best phone/e-reader -- Kindle Fire? iPad mini? Something else?

    Hey, I have a Kindle Touch and I need a new phone, mainly for texting. Was wondering if I can combine the two. Bit of a luddite and these things seem to be updated more and more frequently. Never owned a smartphone or a tablet before... are the iPad screens any good for reading books on? Because that's the advantage of a Kindle. And can I make phonecalls and text from an iPad, or from any other eReader? I understand that an iPad isn't a phone, but also aren't there some that can connect to phone networks? And... do things. Be good if I could get a small tablet that 1) has a good screen for reading 2) sends text messages to phones without needing to connect to the internet. Those are two main things. Thanks.

  • 4What is a better buy: Kindle Fire? Blackberry Tablet? Ipad? Samsung Galaxy?

    Are there other pills that are better ?

  • 5IPAD 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD?

    I'm looking to jump on the tablet bandwagon but I have no idea which one to get? I would be using it for internet browsing, reading ebooks, watching movies, storing photos and videos etc. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2 as a mobile phone which isn't much smaller than the Google Nexus 7, so that might rule that one out, but I hear its really good though. IPad being an Apple product will no doubt be the most popular one but not necessarily the best one. And the Kindle Fire HD is out in the UK in October time so it might be worthwhile holding back for that, and its cheaper too. Any tips on what to get?

  • 6IPad mini, Kindle fire hd, Samsung galaxy tablet or Blackberry playbook?

    I am a 13 year old who wants a tablet of good quality. I want to be able to get good applications. I want a pretty decent camera . Very good screen quality and good value for money. I want to spend less than 300 pounds. Also I have a kindle and it would be the Kindle Fire makes sense ?

  • 7How much is an amazon kindle.?

    I really want an amazon kindle. I need to know about how much one of them costs in stores. I also wanted to know if anyone knows if it costs to get books on the kindle. Thank you sooo much for anyone who responds :)

  • 8What's the deal with amazon kindle? Has anybody tried it?

    I've written some short stories and a friend recommended that I turn on. I wondered if it was worth or beautiful works of amazon rip me a poor, tortured genius who lives in the gutter . If anyone has any kindle experience , good or bad , please let me know. Thank you.

  • 9Shall I get the Amazon Kindle 3 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

    I am mainly interested in just reading books, however the galaxy tab has alot of features which will be useful too me. Any info on what i should buy?

  • 10Does the amazon kindle app interfere with the google play app?

    I downloaded the amazon kindle app onto my android tablet because I prefer it for books. Now the preloaded google play app doesn't work any more. Is this a coincidence or is one interfering with the other?

  • 11Should I buy a used Kindle Fire?

    I am on a tight budget and wanted something to browse watch movies read.... just casual stuff nothing crazy and I thought Kindle Fire might good.. I found one used for $140 what you all geeks think? I am also thinking about pitching a little more extra for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.1 inch screen

  • 12Should I buy the kindle fire?

    I have $ 700, iPod touch , and phone. I can not think of anything I want. I light a fire is it?