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QWhat is rooting an ANDROID device?

Hello ,
So I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I've been wondering what is rooting an Android device ? What are the benefits ? Can you change your android version eg FRYO A ANDROID Android Ice Cream Sandwich ? just want to know this .

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#1dontaeAnswered at 2013-04-07 05:31:18
Hello , Rooting basically gives you access to files that are hidden and locked, you can not access no . So you can customize the system to your liking . Most people there rooting androids backup of the entire system with something called titanium backup , go there faster by overclocking device , and installing new Roms . Roms allow you to put a completely new system for your android . This makes it possible to obtain ice-cream sandwich , Froyo . And also to get a lot of features not found in froyo . Hoped helped .
#2shadmanikerman Answered at 2013-04-08 11:40:17
With it you can customize ur phone. U can change the way ur user interface , themes , icons and almost ur overall or operate your way ur ur OS u want to but with roots u can create ur own user experience.don t ' as the design change the music player , as well as the underlying theme , but not changing icons it.u can overclock the CPU even ur using a custom diffrent ROM.i would'nt recommend it, even as root , ur product warranty expires , no official updates for bug fixes n ur phone then u can do it but in ur own chances r ur device but that can get him completely useless brick .
#3KamilAnswered at 2013-04-28 06:48:37
It's basically like jailbreaking you iphone / itouch .
You get free programs , I think.
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What is rooting an ANDROID device?

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