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What should i do on my samsung galaxy ace when i use to connect to wifi it always says disable to connect? related questions

  • 1What should i do on my samsung galaxy ace when i use to connect to wifi it always says disable to connect?

    What should I do in my samsung galaxy ace when using wifi to connect to disable the connection always says ?

  • 2My Samsung Galaxy s3 wont connect to my home wifi, whats wrong with the wifi?

    let my ipod connect to friends and my moms phone . then connect it says authentication error . my phone connects fine to any wifi wifi only my hme , what is wrong with my wifi

  • 3Why won't my phone connect to wifi?

    i have a samsung galaxy mini , and i trying to connect to the internet , then it will say connecting . for hours , and not connect , what shall i do ???? ( it worked yesterday )

  • 4Why can't I connect my phone to Wifi?

    Okay, I can't connect my HTC EVO 3D to my wifi in my house. When I go to type in the password for the network, it never gives me the option to connect, just cancel. The connect/enter button is there it just won't let me press it. My brother is having the same problem with his phone, but we are able to connect with our iPods &nooks. Hellllppppp?!

  • 5How do i connect my S2 to my netbook via wifi?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I want to connect to Kies via Wi - Fi . I can not understand how to do this will someone please give me an understandable answer how. THIS IS URGENT THANKS my netbook is XP

  • 6Why won't my phone connect to wifi?

    My Droid Bionic will not connect to my home wifi . Says obtaining IP address and then after a minute it says without success. I already reset the modem and the phone to no avail. My wifi is on

  • 7Why can't I connect my phone to the WiFi?

    I've recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini and I'm trying to connect it to the WiFi. My phone finds the connection, I type in the password and enter it. It then asks for the password again! I put it in again and it saying 'connecting' 'initialising' and then 'disabling' and lastly 'disconnected'. What do I have to do to get it connected!

  • 8Why won't my phone connect to wifi?! (android)?

    I've had my phone (samsung galaxy ace) since Christmas and it normally connects to the wireless internet (DLink) just fine. However yesterday it did something that changed it from just 'Dlink' to Dlink with a number after it as its name, which I assume means it was an update or something by the company. Anyway it required us to re-enter the password on each of our devices in the house, but it wasnt working. My sister hit a button on the side of the Dlink router and both tablets as well as the laptop connected fine after that but my phone hasnt and despite me, my sister and my parents working to try and find out why my phone wasnt connecting we just dont know. It's really upsetting me cos I was in the middle of kik'ing with my friend and it was an important conversation :( the wifi networks name in my wifi list has a pic of the internet signal (excellent) plus a lock beside ir and under the name it says disabled. When I click it and try to connect, it goes to scanning, authenticating with dlink, and then asks for the password, which I enter (I tried several times, it's correct) and then comes up 'remembered' on the list quickly followed by 'disabled' and the lock symbol again :( and at the top, where it said it was authenticating, it just says disconnected. whats happeningggg

  • 9I can't connect to WiFi on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Why?

    I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 back in May 2012, and I have never been able to connect to WiFi, except once, only briefly, and the signal strength was flickering between 1 and 2 bars, which wasn't strong enough for me to do anything on. I have never plugged my phone into the computer for any updates, it's literally as it was when I bought it. It sometimes freezes (I can deal with that) but I really don't understand why it won't connect to WiFi, is there anything I can do to fix this without sending it away anywhere? I'd be grateful of any help offered. Thanks.

  • 10Samsung Galaxy S3 wont connect to WiFi?

    My internet at home is in heaven and is working very well , do you have the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and to connect to wifi says authentication error ? You save and not ask password again , but only says authentication error ?

  • 11How to connect to internet on samsung galaxy s3 when not using wifi?

    I've only just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and if I'm not on wifi I can not use the Internet , Facebook applications , etc. How I can change this ? Ps I am in x contract

  • 12My samsung galaxy s3 will not connect to wifi as needs password what can i do?

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 will not connect to wifi as needed password, what I can do?