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QWhy wont my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 root?

I have the phone listed above, but Odin will not let me boot. Odin says it was successful but no SuperUser application . I tried two versions of Odin , md5 file manually dragging in Odin , and all, but it will not uproot ! I have kernel version FI267 , and SDH - D710 model . Please help ?

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#1alshammariAnswered at 2013-04-23 03:58:34
Re-record the entire ROM with the latest version of ICS . It is a problem of knowing .

By the way the next time you should avoid carrier locked devices , just buy the standard international versions . ie i9100 (IBS ) or any other device that is not blocked for your company , especially because they have a locked bootloader , late bloatware updates and packages in the firmware.
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Why wont my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 root?

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