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QHow to fix a samsung Galaxy S2 broken screen?

k guys my family and I are going through a lot of stress or upset ridiculous replies please know it was dumb , but heres what happened :
I was frustrated and while on the ground threw it on the carpet , the battery went out and broke the screen . Its on but wont work , and my mom tried to call and said it was not available .

I took my company phone booth and the guy told me I have to call support ROGERS .

I really messed up and should have killed himself , but I did , please tell me how to fix it or let me know if the company will repair / replace it?

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#1efranAnswered at 2013-04-14 14:57:05
sad.that wow.thats so kind of cell phone is not a toy and fucking iPhone too.maybe not a toy you should get a cheap flip phone that can be thrown .
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How to fix a samsung Galaxy S2 broken screen?

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