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Should I buy the kindle fire? related questions

  • 1Should I buy a used Kindle Fire?

    I am on a tight budget and wanted something to browse watch movies read.... just casual stuff nothing crazy and I thought Kindle Fire might good.. I found one used for $140 what you all geeks think? I am also thinking about pitching a little more extra for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.1 inch screen

  • 2Should I buy the kindle fire?

    I have $ 700, iPod touch , and phone. I can not think of anything I want. I light a fire is it?

  • 3What's better the Kindle Fire HD or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0?

    So I'm thinking of buying a tablet for Christmas but I can not decide between the Kindle Fire HD or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 , what is better to play and like taking pictures and skyping ? And also just in general ?

  • 4Kindle Fire Question!!!?

    I was thinking about buying the kindle fire for myself. I want something that I can read my books on, as well as i have many dvds that I want to convert so I can watch them on my kindle. Can I do that with the kindle fire or not? If not, which one of these will help me with what i want, kindle fire, nook, or samsung galaxy tab?

  • 5Samsung Galaxy Tab OR Kindle FIre HD?

    Well, I'm buying one of these for me and one for my sister ... I need help with all the technical and personal opinions . thanks

  • 6I am thinking about getting a Kindle Fire, but I have a lot of questions first! Can someone help?

    I am getting $200 because I am graduating and I want to use that money for a Kindle Fire, but I am not sure how worth it it is... First question is... How many gb is it? Second question is.. Does it connect to a computer like an ipod does. Would I be able to get my music from my comp on it? 3rd. Does it have the same apps as an ipad/ipod touch?..does everything have to be paid for on it. Like books, apps. music. yadadada...? Is it worth it? Please let me know! Thanks

  • 7Will Kindle Fire games work on an HTC EVO 3D?

    I want to play Modern Combat 2, but on Amazon, it lists it as a Kindle Fire edition. Could I play it on my EVO 3D regardless?

  • 8Which should I get - iPod Touch or Kindle Fire?

    Please explain why. Be Kindle Fire has bigger screen , but I'm more interested in having: - Hardware best - Music more - More movies - More ebooks - More applications Also, I know Kindle OS is a modified version of Android so does that mean I can run all Android apps designed for Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

  • 9Kindle fire or samsung galaxy tab?

    Which is better kindle fire or samsung galxy tab2?

  • 10Can I hook a Kindle Fire up to an iHome?

    Right now we use an iPod touch for the white noise app at night. We play it all night long on our iHome. I know that the Kindle Fire is able to download apps and the white noise is available---but I wanted to know if the Kindle Fire can be hooked up to an iHome or another device that will charge and play it all night? Thanks in advance!

  • 11Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus?

    So, I want to sell my nook color for $200, I don't like it very much, I wanted a good reading tablet, which is also a good tablet, this was only a reader. If I sell it, I'll instantly have enough for the Kindle Fire, which might be what I was expecting the Nook to be. But, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus came out, it looks awesome, a honeycomb tablet thats 7 inches, but, it's $400, I'm 14, I don't have that kind of money. Which do you think I should get, is a full fledged tablet good for a student? Or should I pay extra for the Samsung

  • 12What is better the iPad or Fire Kindle from Amazon?

    All that matters is the internet. I'm starting a business and must be able to show someone my web site as quickly as possible and with a screen size of descent . You also need to run spreadsheets , so something like Microsoft Excel is the key ! Which is better the Kindle or iPad or something else ?