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QWhy does my friend's Samsung Galaxy Tablet ruin my wifi internet connection at home?

There is a strong correlation of my friend to come with your new Samsung Galaxy Tablet and our wifi fell on all devices in the home. I have two other mates and we all lose connection , but rather a person at the same time it seems.

My friend who owns Samsumg Galaxy tablet , not exactly too keen on technology . I 've seen go through two laptops because they are too slow (which means you probably downloaded a bunch of viruses and does not know or care ) . Every time you turn on my computer I have to see it because it's pretty silly .

Maybe it was my mistake to give the password to our home wifi . But it is possible that there are existing viruses for Samsung Tablet to do something like this? Or maybe it's a Samsung Galaxy stating that I have to fix ? Like I said , only one device at a time loses the wifi every time here .

Thank you !

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#1AnonymousAnswered at 2013-04-20 17:39:12
You're right - it was a mistake leaving network users. It's pretty easy for him to block though.

Also, for some strange reason, I imagine an iPad 3 Apple commercial where his friend are walking down the street with its Galaxy Tab, killing as you go connections, completely oblivious to the chaos that is causing it.

From your description, particularly down devices one at a time, sounds like RF interference classic own radio wifi tablet. This is not an uncommon problem in wireless technology, wireless phones are known to poorly armored interrupt or discontinue wifi connections with an incoming call. I would bet money if you analyzed further, the drops only occur when your tablet passes within the range of devices that are losing the connection.

There are a couple of things you can do:

1. The most obvious is to cast the net so you do not have to go through what I'm about to tell you.

Two. If that is not an option, then you need to ensure that both the router and wifi adapters individual network devices transmit power is set to High. Without knowing your specific router I can not tell exactly what settings, but I will tell you what to look for. If it is an old router, you might consider upgrading. Many new Linksys routers have connection options to guests, so you have to deal with your network open only to friends. They are connected, but with limited permissions.

Most routers have power transmission options in advanced wireless settings panel. You will need to access your router, see if it's there, and change the level of the stop sign. If you have the Advanced Wireless Settings configuration, allow the isolation of PA too. AP Isolation isolate all wireless clients from each other on the network.

Configuring the adapter is accessed through Device Manager or adjustment wireless networks and shared resources (Vista / 7). From the Device Manager, click on the adapter, select Properties and click the Advanced tab. Change the high transmission power and Roaming to aggressive.

In the wireless connections window, click Properties on the card.

Finally, you can always check your tablet to see if self-adjusting the transmission power, which could only be set to maximum and is interfering with everything else.
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Why does my friend's Samsung Galaxy Tablet ruin my wifi internet connection at home?

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