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Can anyone tell me where I could find these songs? And who remixed them? related questions

  • 1Can anyone tell me where I could find these songs? And who remixed them?

    Verizon Samsung Droid Charge Christmas 2011 Commercial Song or Red Verizon HTC Rezound Christmas 2011 Commercial Song ( s ) There are many good remixes of Dance Sugar Plum Fairy

  • 2Where can I find the best workout songs?

    Where can I find the best workout songs?

  • 3How to put songs on an Android?

    I got an Android (Samsung Galaxy Mini) and I connected it to my laptop to put songs on it. So then I was prompted to insert the disc I got with the phone but I didn't get any disc! So I clicked the option 'I don't have a disc alternative etc' and it said it couldn't find an alternative. So I'm basically stuck with no music on it. Please help, also my computer suggested websites or something so if that helps :)

  • 4Why have i lost all my songs?

    on my samsung galaxy S2 i installed a new SD card to store films on, however when i put it in my phone and put some films on then i lost all the songs on my phone. i looked at the storage settings and i think it is only allowing my SD card as a main storage device. thanks

  • 5How do you put songs as ringtones on the samsung galaxy s2?please help?

  • 6Why do songs sound better on my ipod than on my phone?

    i have an ipod touch and samsung galaxy ace i also have the bass booster on on my ipod touch but the bass bosster thing on my phone is horrible anyway why??

  • 7Is there any good programs for editing songs?

    * for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1??

  • 8How To Send Songs From Samsung Galaxy S3?

    My older sister has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have no idea how to send songs from your phone to mine . For those who have a Samsung Galaxy S3 , How to send someone to your songs ? Thanks guys

  • 9How do i download songs into my Samsung galaxy s blaze?

    This is a really stupid question i know but i usually just listen to songs on my phone on YouTube and i would like to listen to songs in the train or my school where the signal is somehow weaker.

  • 10Is there a way to copy and send songs from one apple account to another?

    My sister has an Apple iTunes account . I just got one . We like the same music and wondering if it was possible to transfer the songs to my account and still keep them there ? And I am getting the iphone 4. Is there a way to add memory to it ? I have att indeed.

  • 11What are some good Android apps to download songs?

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and was browsing the apps in Play Store. I tried to search for apps that could download songs so that I can listen when there's no wifi connection but there's none! Like Apple products, there's iTunes but what about Android? What are some apps that are simple and can let me download Kpop songs?

  • 12How to download songs from internet off of my samsung galaxy s2?

    For some reason my usb does not always work when I put it into the computer to put music on my samsung galaxy s2 tmobile ... so I need a way to download music directly to the phone right next to the phone itself , I have a downloaded application called songsmap market , but yet does not have many of the songs I hear, does anyone have a way you can downlaod music on your phone from your phone ?