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QSamsung music downloaded crisis!?

Well here 's the deal. So I want to download songs to my new Samsung Galaxy Ace and I'm looking a free website that let me release all the latest songs from the website and on my Samsung playlist. I've heard of music hub , but that is rubbish because I will not pay anything ! I want something like Tubidy but I want the songs are , actual quality songs and not just the version of the song 's music video. I do not see why it is so difficult. People illegally download music all the time . They do not mind and I do not mind . And I really do not want to know anything about transferring songs to my phone from a computer , because I have not a computer or a laptop. Just letting you know that I have no answer to that effect. I know I'm being very difficult and demanding , but if anyone can guide me to a website EASY TO USE free , for Samsung , which allows me to successfully download the latest songs without problems and then trust me , I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much

~ Nicola


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Samsung music downloaded crisis!?

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