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HTC One S wont pick up my wifi? related questions

  • 1HTC One S wont pick up my wifi?

    I'm trying to use my computer has a WiFi access point for my phone , so do not eat all my data when browsing the Internet , the problem is that my phone can not pick hotspot , my Xbox , but my phone Wont . Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem ? thanks

  • 2My phone wont download from some sources and wont connect to wifi?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 , is fairly new and worked well until recently . Suddenly , one day stops connecting to a WiFi network . The wifi just booted my phone and now even the wifi signal is collected unless it is within a meter of the box. Since then I have also been able to download from the mobile data or Internet game store ? ? Help ? :. ? " ( Everyone else in the house can still use the wifi fine and I 'm running up quite a bill with my internet phone for everything that I would normally use for my phone wifi Do malfunctioning or am I? ?

  • 3My Samsung Galaxy s3 wont connect to my home wifi, whats wrong with the wifi?

    let my ipod connect to friends and my moms phone . then connect it says authentication error . my phone connects fine to any wifi wifi only my hme , what is wrong with my wifi

  • 4I have a galaxy ace and when wifi is connected it wont go online or anything online based wont work?

  • 5Samsung Galaxy S3 wont connect to WiFi?

    My internet at home is in heaven and is working very well , do you have the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and to connect to wifi says authentication error ? You save and not ask password again , but only says authentication error ?

  • 6Why wont WiFi tether for root users work?

    I rooted my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on 4.1.1 and download Jellybean

  • 7Best phone to pick? What should I get?

    This is what I want on my phone. I have not bought one in years 1. Video by Two . Pic taking Three . Text Photo April . The ability to buy and use applications from the App Store May . Jellybean Not so important : Creating panoramic images (I think the Nexus 4 makes this? ) I have really wanted a Nexus 4 iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s3 . Not sure to go to

  • 8HELP me pick my phone?

    Hey guys I'm 13 and it's my birthday, so I'm getting a new phone. I do not know which one to choose . HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy Ace . HTC Desire is better than Ace? Better than HTC Desire HTC Wildfire S ? ACE is better than HTC Wildfire S ? ROFL! : D Help me to compare and answer these questions ,THANKS !

  • 9My droid bionic won't pick up 3g or 4g???

    ever since like a week ago my droid won't pick up any 3g or 4g. My brother has the same phone and he's been getting it wherever i am but my phone doesn't. and my phone won't let me open pictures or send any. help?! best answer get 10 pts. thanks.

  • 10Gaming consoles pick?

    What do I need help buying nintendo wii , ps2, nintendo wii u or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

  • 11Which should i pick up: Sony Xperia S or Samsung Galaxy S2?

    I have read the specifications of the two smartphones that are quite similar to Sony Xperia S S2 assume in some ways , and both are priced at around 28,000 to 30,000 INR. Which is a better choice ?

  • 12Which Samsung Galaxy s2 case should I pick!!??? Can't decide :-/? (my phone is WHITE. :) ... and I'm trying to stay away from "childish" cases since i'm 23 lol so let me know if these looks too childish at all Also, if you know of a good site that sells T mobile Sg2 cases.. please let me know :) Thanks!