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How do I stop download apps from automatically going onto my samsung galaxy s2 desktop? related questions

  • 1How do I stop download apps from automatically going onto my samsung galaxy s2 desktop?

    Every time you download a new application that gets on my desktop / wallpaper / Lo homepage . How I can avoid this?

  • 2How do I stop Android Apps from running in background with Samsung Galaxy S3?

    Every time I start my phone , I have a lot of applications running automatically in the background . ( facebook , Camera360 , WeatherUnderground , etc ) I have not opened yet these applications so far , and they are up and running . I will run each active application , and then press STOP , but minutes later it will start back up. I made sure that all reports of each application went out, but it did not help any . Is it normal that all applications continue to function well only at startup? I think it's draining my battery life . Maybe I should remove the applications so that I have to buy batteries.

  • 3How to download apps into htc without internet?

    so, i dont have internet on my phone, only wifi, but i cant figure out how to download apps onto my phone. i have a htc one s by the way. any help would be gladly appreciated! thanks!

  • 4My apps dont download or updte?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and anytime Thers an update for an application that update keeps saying failed . Do i hve to restore factory settings :/ ?

  • 5How do i download apps onto my samsung galaxy s3?

    How I can download apps on my samsung galaxy s3 ?

  • 6Why can't I download certain apps on Samsung Galaxy S1?

    On my old phone, I could download pretty much anything...And I know this is an "older" version on the galaxy s range but it's not a really OLD phone. The only ones that have been "rejected" that I've tried are instagram and candy crush etc? I know these aren't important apps but I don't know if there's anything I can do? (i.e. upgrading something somewhere).

  • 7Download Free apps on a Rooted Galaxy s3?

    How can you download apps on a Samsung Galaxy S3 roots ? Im new to Android , so I do not know how . And it does when an application or root like Cydia for iPhone ? and there is an application for downloading applications for himself and for the iPhone Install0us when u root ? Thank you.

  • 8I can't download apps from the market on my Samsung Galaxy s2?

    Like I can't download anything from the market. It says "You don't have any devices" Or like, there are no devices associated with this account I already factory reset my phone and it still doesn't work. My phone didn't come with the android market app. What do I do about this? I can't download anything except on this thing called Samsung apps which came with my phone, but that has limited apps.

  • 9What are some good/fun apps to download on a Samsung Epic?

    Thank you !

  • 10What are some good Android apps to download songs?

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and was browsing the apps in Play Store. I tried to search for apps that could download songs so that I can listen when there's no wifi connection but there's none! Like Apple products, there's iTunes but what about Android? What are some apps that are simple and can let me download Kpop songs?

  • 11Why some apps download autocally on my Samsung Galaxy S2?

    I have Sprint Samsung Epic 4G toucg (Galaxy S2 ) . I see that some applications just automatically downloaded on your phone, even without my permission. How I can stop this? Just to give an example

  • 12Unable to download apps frm android market using my phon..?

    Im using samsung galaxy pop or u can call it galaxy mini or s-55570 Im not able to download any app frm themarket using my phon..facing dis prob since 2 daYs im using my phon itself for download..n using wifi router..suggest me