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QHow do u make pandora play from your phone to your car?

I have samsung galaxy s2 and my car has USB and aux jack its a hyundai sonata 2009 . I tried connecting my phone to the aux port but it still does not work I have to change the radio or turn on something on the phone ? It just says connected on my radio screen , but that's all.

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#1. Bye.-Answered at 2013-05-14 12:40:19
I have a JVC stereo , where there is a place to connect the USB charging cable , which is good because you do not have to buy an AUX cable . I downloaded the pandora app and play the music on the phone pandora through music.
#2CasieAnswered at 2014-02-06 23:52:10
If you have an aux cord plugged from your phone to the car you should then change it to aux on you car radio CD player whatever you got. It would be most likely the same button where you switch from radio/ to cd
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How do u make pandora play from your phone to your car?

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