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Should I get the Nexus S 4g from Google? related questions

  • 1Google pulled the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play?

    Google had to pull the Galaxy Nexus Google Play due to demand of Apples. What exactly does this mean ? Can the Galaxy Nexus still download apps from the store Play ? I have not a Nexus , but I 'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a couple of weeks . Apple also filed a preliminary injunction against S3 . What can happen ?

  • 2Should I get the Nexus S 4g from Google?

    I'm getting a new phone and I was wondering what is the best phone to get. I'm looking at the Nexus S , HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G.

  • 3Should I get a google nexus 7?

    I have an iPad but I don't like to use Internet in it. I want a smaller(not less then 5 inches) and lighter device which îs also cheap.I have seen google nexus on the Internet. Now I want to know is there any other device which is lighter and cheaper then this one.(between 5 to 7 inches)

  • 4How much memory do I need for my Google Nexus 7?

    Hi I am currently looking to purchase a tablet and I had it narrowed down to samsung galaxy tab 2 and the google nexus 7 and i think i am going to go with the nexus. Now i am just trying to figure out if i need 16gb or 32gb of memory. My plan is to read books, go on the internet, listen to music, and play games on it, so i am not sure how much memory i really need. It is $199 for 16gb and $249 for 32gb. Thank you!

  • 5Google nexus 4 or Galaxy S3?

    I'm trying to decide which one to buy . Both cost the same with my company . I have experience with Android phones and love them. (Currently we have and LG optimus ) I like the galaxy s as well known and every person I know who owns one has nothing to say but good things about it . The Nexus 4 is supposed to be the best Android phone on the market pure at this time , but I do not know anyone who has. What do you recommend ? BTW : ok with the 16 GB of storage in the nexus 4 Im , I do not store much on my phone .

  • 6Which one is better Samsung Galaxy S3 or Google Nexus 4 ?

    galaxy s3 which would you choose now costs 430, while 430 Nexus 4 usd costs and both are unlocked .... which is more value for the money : P

  • 7How to change wallpaper on Google Nexus S?

  • 8Google Nexus 7 Tablet &or any other alternatives?

    I am planning to go for my First tablet PC and my budget is aroung $300. I think Google Nexus 7 which costs $249 for the 16 Gb version would be a good option. How about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, is it available in 3G unlocked version in US how much does a Unlocked 3G 8 GB one cost? Storage would not be a problem as I would connect a external HDD or pen drives for watching movies through the otg. My requirement is that it much have good battery life, performance &worth it. I must not regret buying the Nexus 7 Tablet.

  • 9Should I get the Google Nexus S or the Samsung Galaxy S II?

    The Nexus S would be better for my wallet , but the Galaxy S II for almost everything else . ( The camera , battery, screen , size , speed , memory, and durability) . Get the deal. Just know that I 'll probably be texting a decent amount through facebook , internet browsing , dropping the phone , calling from time to time , spending a lot of money on apps , take pictures and videos and custom. Basically the Galaxy S II is worth paying ... 10 pounds ? Wait ... wth ? The Galaxy S II 16 GB is only 10 pounds more than the Nexus S ? Whoaaaaah .

  • 10Google Nexus 4 or Samsung Galaxy S II?

    which one to go ? google nexus 4 or samsung galaxy s2? all I wanted to do is access some Internet applications, check emails and make calls .. I do not want a high-end mobile .. Also, is Google Nexus Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the same?

  • 11Does the Nexus 10 by Google/Samsung Have 4.0 Bluetooth or 3.0?

    When searching the web you will get information about the Samsung Nexus 10 having Bluetooth 4.0, while others say it has 3.0, this is very confusing , so I want the answer to be sure.

  • 12Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs. Google Nexus 7?

    I am trying to decide which one to ask for, for christmas. I was 100% in with the Nexus 7, but then I found out it doesn't have a rear-facing camera, when the galaxy tab does. You can also expand your memory on the galaxy tab. But some people say the Nexus might be a littler faster and blah and blah and blah, it is just getting too confusing. Here are the things I would do on a tablet -Go on Facebook, Twitter, etc. -Play fun games like angry birds from the android market -Browse the web -Listen to music -Carrying it around (being portable) Some websites have the Nexus winning, when others have the Tab winning. Please help with my decision.