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QFarming game on Android that doesn't require internet?

I used to play Zombie Farm on the iPad for my husband, but I have not played in months . I recently got a Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch and was looking for Zombie Farm on Google Play, but I'm disappointed to discover that requires Internet now . I do not always I have internet all the time , so it will not work . Can you recommend a good farming game that requires no internet ? Thank you.

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#1SparklezAnswered at 2014-02-06 10:01:45
Most of the farming games are done PROGRESS (%), so it needs an internet connection, there are some games some what relate to plants like plants vs zombies, and for your information, internet doesn't cost you very much for the usage, its very minute. like in KB's, dont be bothered, just play as the way you like.
#2Spike Answered at 2014-04-22 01:37:38
There are a lot of games that dont require internet conection, like: Plants vs Zombies, Mario Kart, Kill Zombies Now, etc.
You can find them in this link:
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Farming game on Android that doesn't require internet?

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