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QContract Phones: does the money get taken out automatically?

hi ,

I recently bought a phone ( Samsung Galaxy Ace carphonewarehouse Talkmobile ) and wondering how to pay the bill. not get the money straight out of my account or do not give them a letter or something? on the Carphone Warehouse website , you can check your balance online. im wondering why shows all the numbers I have called and texted . is shown on the invoice so you pay monthly?

im sorry for the confusing question .

thanks in advance

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#1BransonAnswered at 2014-02-01 19:51:43
The contract that you have signed is legal and has a clause as to get out most are in the region as days the number of the way as to them is that no post and no bills are delivered you have to check as to this on the network they are supplieng and they make more the bill is debited from your account if it a prepaid account it is automatic from the account you have and you use to that as a contract as you have signed whoever after 12 months you are obliged to get out do not hesitate and be care full as to the future
#2sarah janeAnswered at 2014-02-23 19:30:41
You pay for your service ahead of time.
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Contract Phones: does the money get taken out automatically?

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