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Where can I find the music I downloaded from Frostwire on my COMPUTER? related questions

  • 1Where can I find the music I downloaded from Frostwire on my COMPUTER?

    I know how to send music from FrostWire to iTunes , mine does it automatically. But I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for Christmas and I want to send some music that I downloaded from FrostWire to that. But I have no idea how. I can not find the files where this music could exist on my computer . I can only find on iTunes. Can anyone help ?

  • 2Samsung music downloaded crisis!?

    Well here 's the deal. So I want to download songs to my new Samsung Galaxy Ace and I'm looking a free website that let me release all the latest songs from the website and on my Samsung playlist. I've heard of music hub , but that is rubbish because I will not pay anything ! I want something like Tubidy but I want the songs are , actual quality songs and not just the version of the song 's music video. I do not see why it is so difficult. People illegally download music all the time . They do not mind and I do not mind . And I really do not want to know anything about transferring songs to my phone from a computer , because I have not a computer or a laptop. Just letting you know that I have no answer to that effect. I know I'm being very difficult and demanding , but if anyone can guide me to a website EASY TO USE free , for Samsung , which allows me to successfully download the latest songs without problems and then trust me , I would be very grateful. Thank you very much ~ Nicola

  • 3Any ideas as to where I can look for my music on the computer from phone?

    I have The Droid Bionic I've had this sd card / playlist for years! Somehow all my music is hidden somewhere in these files the music that is in the music file is music i've recently added my original playlist is just missing Any idea where it might have gone? link is to screen shot of my files*

  • 4How do i download music from my computer to my samsung galaxy s2?

  • 5How do you upload music to samsung galaxy s3 from the computer?

    How to upload music to samsung galaxy s3 from the computer ?

  • 6How do you transfer music to a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 from a computer?

    I connected the USB cable connecting the tablet and the computer ... and nothing happened ... I want to transfer music. and the tablet will not show on my computer ...

  • 7How to connect android phone to computer to transfer music?

    i've tried looking it up and it says to activate usb mass storage. on my phone, it says i have to connect the usb cable to do so. but when i do that it says i have to unplug the cable. so nothing seems to work. there is no update for my phone yet either. it's a samsung galaxy--one of the older ones from t-mobile i'm not very tech saavy. any help?

  • 8How to sync music from my zune collection on my computer to my galaxy s2?

    I have a bunch of music on my zune collection that I would like to sync to my phone, how do I do that?

  • 9For samsung galxy note 2 users- Can file sharing programs like frostwire be installed and run on this device?

    this is one reason im interested in the galaxy note 2, they say it works like a phone and tablet- hence the name phablet. I would love to use a file-sharing program and download music and videos, if this works on this device, then the galaxy note 2 really does it all like a small computer, can make phone calls, email, internet, and it can run programs too. ANy galaxy note 2 users, please let me know if these programs work on this device. If they work I'll get one sooner rather than later, if no, i might wait a little longer to see what better phablets come out.

  • 10So I downloaded exp games but how do I use it?

    I recently joined to Game of Dice event and got this code. I dont know where to use thm!

  • 11Best e reader in which e books downloaded?

  • 12Why won't my phone play downloaded videos?

    Hiya well ive just recently got the Samsung Galaxy Ace and any time i download a video, when i go to watch it it says "video could not be played'. I am able to watch recorded videos but any time i go to watch a downloaded one this happens. How can i fix this?