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QSetting the battery on a new smart phone?

I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2 of Sprint yesterday. I've always heard that you are too switch the phone , start using it, and let it run completely dead . Then they told me to go out and charge it completely. And do this 3 or 4 times . Is this true ? Will it help the battery or am I wasting my time? If this is true , do you leave your load while ? I'm expecting a call soon, but is almost dead . I stopped last night and loaded die completely in position 1 total time out , this is the second time its been loaded . thanks

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#1CmoneyAnswered at 2014-01-31 12:38:57
No, you don't have to charge it and let the battery run off. I've never heard of that. You just make sure that you charge the phone to 100%, when you buy it, before first use, and then still leave it on charge for a few hours .
#2YvetteAnswered at 2014-02-22 11:21:18
There all roomers, you dont have to do all that. But what does help ur battery last longer and dont have to worry about your battery messing up is NOT using ur phone while it is charging. Especially if u just got the phone.
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Setting the battery on a new smart phone?

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